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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 LA County

USA, California

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By Devin , 11-06-2003

stuff - About "Redondo - the break water," is it on the north side of the pier?south side?where, it looks big

By Hobo Jim , 22-04-2003

A La King - Where's Dogtown? I know where it is, but where's a review?

By anonymous , 14-04-2003


By , 27-03-2003

CHICK WHO RIPS WANTED - I am fed up with having no surf mad girl. I have had to go exploring overseas. I am 26, I play jazz piano, I shred a shortboard, I am into natural sciences and human sciences, reading philosopy, psychology. I am looking for a girl who is beautiful and wants to spend a life surfing everyday, travelling and spending a life of amazement and wonder exploring the dying seconds of life. I am in England at the moment, I am of Celtic origin, I am looking for someone I can't find in the British isles.

By , 13-03-2003

Looking for surfers for magazine story... - I'm heading out to LA on Friday to write an article for a new magazine, Radar, about the localism on certain beaches.
I'd like to talk to surfers who've experienced this problem and I'd like to talk to locals who might have legitimate (or not) gripes about visiting surfers...
Please get in touch.
- Marcus Baram (917 848-5679)

By anonymous , 06-03-2003

i'd rather ride poo - go elsewhere, the surf in LA is cold, small and polluted

By , 20-01-2003

Super tubes has moved to Ventura page.. - We have moved Supertubes on Ventura page (which is more precise). I will add today photos on it.
Thanks for your contribution

By anonymous , 18-01-2003

ATTN: Webmaster - So, what happened to Supertubes being listed on this site! Come on, I even sent in some photos of the place!

By Dicky & Miki , 13-01-2003

Dick's Resume - Dick and Miki Mann are in the business of relaxing people. No, they're not masseurs or hypnotists, well not all the time. The "Mannly" couple operate Blue Heron Ventures, leading leisurely nude gay/bi bird watching strolls along the shores of some of Los Angeles's most famous beaches. Participants on these tours can learn to identify birds by their songs, colours, shapes or other physical characteristics. They will also learn the natural relationship that exists amongst birds, humans, plants and insects in the area in a free nonjudgemental atomosphere. The feedback Blue Heron Ventures guides most often receive is that their clients are 'very relaxed but curoiusly aroused' during these excursions. Dick comments that massage and aromatic therapy is an interagal part of each walk and provided during rest periods along the trail. Dick Mann has 22 years of experience in conservation with Wildlife and Fisheries in Los Angeles and has completed enforcement and habitat protection contract work with Fisheries and Oceans. Dick has taken care of many small, injured animals and birds brought home from his job. In addition to Dick's conservation and pet care experience he has sucessfully managed to evade any unpleasantness with local law enforcement. All Dick requires is that participants bring good walking shoes, water and a midsize bundle of man-meat!

By Dick Mann , 13-01-2003

Dick's Picks - Your spot" doesn't break good that often, at least not during the non-winter months. Undoubtedly you surf other places, probably beaches south or north, at those times. I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this. Of course beaches handle crowds far better than single-take-off-point reefs. - - - The issue is propriety. When it's crowded, who is the intruder and who gets to cry foul? - - - When you go away to college and come back for Christmas break, all of a sudden you're the intruder. You grow up, buy your own house in the area, don't have time to surf anymore, want to surf again, buy a longboard to get started - surprise! - little screaming images of yourself at 17 suddenly appear to remind you of how absurd localism is. Of course you're young and you'll never get older. You'll never be 54 and have a realistic perspective on life. It just won't happen, will it? - - - Sorry to unload on you little amigo, I know you just want to surf in peace. The thing is, so did the other 7 guys.

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