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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 LA County

USA, California

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By anonymous , 03-04-2005

Study and surf? - Hi all! Basically I wanna study at Caltech and surf. Is that practical? I mean if i lived in Los Angeles would I be too far from the coast to surf when i wanted to, and go to Pasadena where Caltech is whenever I need to?

Would greatly appreciate any informed/helpful comments. :o)

By , 12-01-2005

Holiday in Malibu - Hi, i want to go to california to August 2005 and i need a informations about where i can stay, i need an apartment for two person, please help me

By anonymous , 18-07-2004

Boycott Continental Iberia Delat United and KLM. - Please all surfers listen!!!! We must act now, it's getting worst, airlines now even embargo surfboard. Try to convice any one you can to boycott (stop using) those airlines. See:

By anonymous , 20-05-2004

To A LA King - I read in a magazine that all the leftover piles of rubble are cleaned out. It's an alright spot now. There is still some stuff underneath the water though that can make it dangerous. I think it was Outside magazine I read that in.

By anonymous , 21-01-2004

Santa Catalina Island - Hey guys,

I work on a cruise shipand will be going to santa catalina island every 3/4 days. Do you guys know iof there are any good spots there?



By Todd , 21-01-2004

Medal of Honor - I dont need some sappy hippy peace and dolphin crap. Just stay down there and enjoy yourself, I have no problem with that.

By doubledigit , 16-01-2004

That's cool Todd - That's cool Todd. I guess we agree. Just one thing though. If you keep going with this petty theft and robbery thing, I'l be surfing while your getting your cherry popped at S Quentin. I hope your not staring at surf photos while bubba pounding your saddle into the bed post. Hardly worth it would ya think? Why don't you just forgo the petty theft and robbery and go straight to the gun implacements and minefields? Surround yourself with likeminded individuals and completely isolate yourself from the your brother surfers. All the rest of us are seeking ways to organize and make our situation better but hey let's not fight about it, you prefer to isolate yourself from potential positive friendships. That's to bad. It sound's like your a pretty intelligent person, seems a shame to waste potential like that on a foolish criminal act. Basically California's done, every spot is crowded and getting worse. Even Mexico's getting crowded (didn't think that would ever happen) Best we can do share waves and good times. This whole concept is way bigger then surfing anyway, you would'nt understand. Good luck to ya, hope ya get a medal. Later

By Todd Young , 16-01-2004

Sounds like we agree - You stay in San Diego, I will stay here. I wont go there, and you dont come here. Pretty simple I think, right? If you do come up north, make sure to leave your window down to save me the trouble of having to break it to get to your wallet and stereo. After my session, I like to hook up some cabby to put in my stem.

By , 15-01-2004

Todd your pathetic - Todd your trouble is you have no sense of yourself. Your a cowardly little little creature that waits for people to leave their cars and then vadalizes them. You think your protecting something, your seeking a crusade because your locked into your stinky little town with now hope of ever really mattering to anybody. So hold on to your surf spot patronage like a soldier without a country thinking your actually protecting something. In reality you just don't matter to anyone. So paddle little toddy we'l continue to give you waves when you cry, we'l pay for the repairs on our vehicles and we'l all wait and pray that 'little toddy' will someday GROW THE HELL UP, and that someday your presence will actually make a difference. So stay in your little Oxnard hole and do your little deeds because it all comes back in the end. Oh by the way your welcome in San Diego anytime but you might want to walk it. Later geek.

By Chango Loco , 30-06-2003

Breakwater - Redondo Breakwater is actually at the far south end of Hermosa, out in front of the chart house off the rocks. I check it often, and have rarely seen anything out there.

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