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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Bay street santa monica

USA, California, LA County

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By Anonymous , 05-08-2007

Re: bicknell hill - I don't know what it looked like in the 70s, but the roads by the beach have all probably changed since then... if you check the other side of Main St. that may look more familiar... those hills look longer and more fun anyway.

By , 07-07-2007

bicknell hill - hi i was wondering in the photos from the 70's i dont know if im right but i keep thinking bicknell has changed,has it been remodled at all or is it the same please tell me.

By Anonymous , 04-03-2007

re: rhettp - Yeah, if the tide is high it breaks (if it breaks) about 10ft from the shore probably thanks to all the constant beach modifications by the tractors, and it does get walled... but there are some fun days out there... go ahead and take the attitude and join the crowd at the places you suggested. Better waves, but not always better experiences when you factor in all the BS...

By W , 16-02-2007

HA! I know who "J" is! - Bay street rocks when it's good! Aren't all ou wannabez missing the point? Surfing is fun, get out if you have a bad attitude!

By , 01-02-2007

Is Bay St. really a SURF spot ???? - I don't understand why anybody surfs here at all. This break hardly ever gets over 2ft. and even then the waves break about 10 ft from the beach. Its powerless, there is hardly any line, and no doubt its going to be twice the size in el porto. Worth a drive to Malibu or Porto depending on swell direction. Usually looks fun from the hill but never fun in the water. Also, this beach experiences extreme high tides which seem to last for hours so you wont be catching jack with the constant backwater. Stay away from Bay St. and Venice.

By J , 06-12-2006

Bay street is a has been spot - Period. The truth wanna be's. Take your image to the castings in hollywood. Bitches. Tourist's go pay some local wannabes 100 dollars so they can pretend to teach you how to surf. Seriously... Good luck, it may be fun cuZ they make it, but they are lying ass fakes for the most part. I am not lying so god strike me down.

By MR ZERO , 06-12-2006

As far as Bay Street goes - Im 27 and have been in the water over here since I was twelve. I have seen bay street go nice once in my life, just once , this is the truth, if you don't know shit; It's the place to go. Nowadays, its a fucking joke. Sorry Dogtown wannabe's, It IS a beginner's spot all the way. On the best days its 2-3 cali standard which ain't much unless you like being in the water, then, that's a slightly different story. But, given you've had a taste of some real shit, Ouch. It will not suffice Mr Image. Try Sunset on a half descent day and tell me different.

By Anonymous , 11-09-2006

- great spot

By anonymous , 27-01-2006

ghetto by the sea - avoid local spots..............not a very good wave.....doesnt have a nice wall............stick to the southern hemisphere

By paul! , 05-11-2005

why..? - "there are also lots of homeless people so bring some quarters" - or you can tell them to get a job.

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