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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


USA, Alaska

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By Anonymous , 21-08-2008

AK SURF - The guy taking off on the left is a KOOK.

By , 27-06-2007

surf??? - I am from yukon, and the nearest place to surf is my old home, alaska, i need some info, and would love to discover the frozen unknown waves of this beautiful state. email me if u can help gunalcheesh!!

By Mongoose , 20-05-2007

Solid - One of the most premier and pristine breaks I have ever been. Black sand beaches, pinks running up the river, and clean right or left breaks on a sandy bottom. A crowded lineup here means more then 3 people in the water, and throw a shaka to the locals and your good to go.

Not as cold as you may think in the summertime, buckle down in the winter! I tackled it in a 4/3 Psycho with no problem year round.

By , 11-08-2006

This place is nuts - The surf here gets good, real good. you just got to be smart enough to hunt down the right weather info from the internet and know what beach like what conditions. the first time i went out at pasagshak on july 22nd it was perfect, 4 to 6 ft and 5-7 knots offshore. The bigger sets were breaking on the outside bar and noone around but me. just perfect.

By todd , 17-06-2006

the real truth about Kodiak - Knee High? You have got to be kidding me. Pasagchak is not the worlds greatest surf break by any means but wave size is not the problem. If anything it is often to big and blown out to ride but not to small. I lived in Kodiak for two years while in the US Coast Guard and made the forty mile drive to pasagchak as many times as I could and only one time do I ever remember it being knee high. As for it being to cold all I have to say is buy yourself a 6 mil wetsuit and grow some balls because surfing in Alaska is synonynous with being cold. Kodiak is just like any other surf break it has its great days and it has its shitty days, not to mention what the hell else are you going to do in Kodiak? One more thing you cannot really group pasagchak and fossilbeach in the same spot. Pasagchak is a sand bottom beach break and fossil beach is a series of reef breaks surrounded by cliffs. Fossil beach breaks much less frequently than pasagchak but when it does it can be real fun. Also these two beaches are on two differant sides of a small peninsula so the wind may be howling on shore at pasagchak and at the same time off shore at fossil beach.

By , 26-04-2006

The truth about Kodiak - The waves are either knee high mush or windy and cold if you want to surf Alaska go to Sitka or Yakutat don't waste your time in Kodiak. You can only surf in the summer cause the water is in the low 30's until May vise the 40's in Sitka and Yakutat. Is it worth 4 2 second rides for hypothermia? Then you get crappy mush waves all summer long. Nobody surfs except kook longboarders in the summer cause the waves are so weak and mushy. Not your average kook. The ones who surf 3 times a year but have all the gear. Sorry guys someone had to say it. You may get one or two days a month in the summer where there are ridable waves. Keep in mind that Kodiak faces East and is mostly big mountians and cliffs you got one beach that is nestled in a bay that gets no surf and plenty of wind. The whole time I have lived here I have seen it glassy with ridable waves 4 times. If you don't belive me check the NOAA Weather on Kodiak and check out the wind that blows NW and the NW swell, to bad Kodiak faces east and is covered by mainland Alaska to the north. Save your money and go Sitka or Yakutat if you want to surf, otherwise spend the $1000.00 and come ride some 2 second rides with the other longboarders that lied to you about how you they scored. You know who they are they posted the pictures for you, of them killing the whitewater doing the ultra low squats. I was glad when I made money from fishing and went back to Jersey which was alot warmer and had more waves.

By , 21-08-2005

Need Surfin partner to show me the ropes in Kodiak - This is for anybody who surfs Kodiak and wants to show an out of towner where to go. This break looks sick. I am getting stoked right now thinking I'll be on that break in a week or two. If anyone wants to show me whats up email me

By KodiakInMyHeartGirlie , 26-06-2005

On a Summer Night - I've been to surf beach (pasagshak/fossil whatever), although I'm not a surfer. But what a place for any outdoor enthusiast. Although I almost got run over by a buffalo in my little purple people-eater rental car!

There's some strange energy at that beach that cleatrs your mind, and it is a place I'll never forget.

By andrew - , 05-01-2005

cool man. - yeah, i pretty much just started surfing 6 months ago. i got my first belly rides at fossil, but i moved to hawaii where i learned everything else. now it's just a matter of staying in shape and having buddies to go out with no that i'm back in town. don't even ask why i left hawaii. good surf, yeah, but i mean kodiak's my home.

By Stuck it! , 12-07-2004

Photo Drop - The guy in the pic is square over his board, plenty of travel left in his legs and not even close to being "in the back seat"...... so what are you talking about? He's not even late!!! Your comment "fell" short though.

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