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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By ELLE , 12-03-2009


By TheJerk , 10-02-2009

Alaskan wondering about Alaskan surf.... - I was raised in AK and live in Anchorage. I only surf when I am on vacation, and I want that to change.... I need advice on: Closest surf to Anchorage, what kind of wet/dry suit is recommended? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

PS That Palin shotgun pic is fake... I know, I was bummed when I found out too.

By Anonymous , 03-02-2009

McCain - At least Palin can see the surf from her backyard. You know what that means? It means she rips! She's hot in her USA bikini and shotgun too. You fools should have voted for her, we would have had a hottie to look at for 4 years instead of and old dried up seasame street bird (Biden)..

By Anonymous , 23-12-2008

Crazy - Man, i'm getting the shivers just thinking about jumping in that icy cold water. I will never complain about cold water again. Didn't think anyone surfed in alaska until i saw this page. What kind of wet suits do you use.

By Anonymous , 25-10-2008

same here - I am ashamed to say sarah palin is the gov. of my home alaska! vote obama!!

By Anonymous , 25-10-2008

sarah palin is a dumb bitch - I hate palin and mccain i think we should feed them to some polar bear!

By Anonymous , 10-08-2007

Alaska Surf - I am going to Boswell Bay this weekend, and heard it's good there. I have a few friends in Cordova that surf, and would love to get a trip going with anyone in Anchorage or surrounding areas. I was just at the Childs glacier and Surfing Mag was there with two guys surfing the glacial calving wave. It was crazy, and then they went up the Copper River and surfed a standing wave. Intense!

By , 12-07-2007

Long time Florida surfer stuck in the interior - How's it, looking to take a surf trip in Yakatat. Not sure what to expect from the local scene. My surf trips have always been primitive ones, you know hitch-hiking, tents, de-hydrated food. I guess what I am trying to ask is, are nomadic surfers able to survive? Would the locals be willing to share and support there fellow surfers with wave knowledge and rides to their secret spots? I ask these things because we are all involved in one of the earth's finest elements however it seems that these days I find that our camaraderie is in question.


By , 18-04-2007

Help....Yakutat - I'm going to be in yakutat in june, I was woundering anyboby good tell me what the swell is like that time of here.. And if anybody knew any good places to stay? Thanks mike

By average surfer , 21-10-2006

help i need somebody - i just moved to anchorage and I need someone to explore the surf with, share costs and good company. ive heard of the turnagain arm tidal bore... but any additional info id greatly appreciate. i am currently unemployed, now is my chance.


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