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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By J-Man , 26-06-2006

- I live in Kincardine and I see surfers there all time. It's just to bad there aren't any waves for them to ride. If you think kincardine is secret spot, or any where between Kincardine and Point Clark I would think again. We get all kinds of guys sitting on there boards from Toronto, Hamilton, etc.. waiting for the big wave to come rolling in and if they are luckey to get up they got a 2 second ride on a 2 foot wave. I'm not kidding either when I say 2 seconds. Bad under tow when we get above 35km/hr winds.

If you want to come surf in Kincardine I suggest you bring your kites with you. At least then you'll be guaranteed to have some fun.

By anonymous , 09-04-2006

Lake Huron - Grand Bend - I see surfers on the south side of the pier on North-West winds... either closer to shore than the pier's edge, or at the end of the buoys

By Brian , 23-01-2006

Great Lake Surfing - Lake Ontario is pretty good. NE winds generate great waves in Hamilton (The Bridge off of Eastport Dr) and Ashbridges Bay in Toronto. For more info on Lake surfing go to and check the forum.

By sylvain , 22-01-2006

surfboards in montreal - I would like to tell the canadian surfers that I make surfboards in montreal this is my web site ,go see the prices

By Mellyy The S U r f E t t E , 27-12-2005

Seven-Islands... A Cold, Cold ..Paradise! - I live in a little city named Seven Islands (Sept-Iles how we call it) and here theres a lot of great unknown spots like RIVERS. Yes, theres river surfing! but not a lot of surfers here. Oh and, the beach is cold and the waves are easy but It's a great place.

By Eric , 04-10-2005

Tofino - Hi, just got back from a 2 week odyssey up, down, and around V Isle. Tofino was great, the surfing was also pretty decent for beginners. Watch out for price gouging at the Co-op store; make sure you stock up on food in Port Alberni. The surf schools regularly pile a bunch of newbies into their vans and drive them down to Chesties beach...kinda annoying when you and another person are the only ones out and you have a horde of kooks invading the area. That's what kinda pissed me off; the surfable area at Chesties can get pretty crowded; Cox Bay is beautiful though!

By sutts , 16-05-2005

- Kincardine? I just bought a longboard to go surf Bruce beach where my cottage is. I'm hoping we get some waves this may two four.

By jp , 11-01-2005

- Hey K, interested in surfing huron. where do you ride? kincardine? hows the spring?

By K , 06-01-2005

Lake Huron surfing - Want to surf the great lakes, head out to Lake Huron when there is a North-East or Eastern wind. Waves are great, but the undertow is strong, so make sure you're a good swimmer. Get out deep to the far sandbars for the good waves!

By leo . j , 27-04-2004

no title - are there any beaches in tofino and area whhere you can camp and surf for free

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