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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By Tahir Marfani , 17-01-2017

Nice experience ahead - I live in Toronto & I had a vast experience of surfers, I have also a kit of Surf Collection but now I don't have time for donation, my post is app development & as an app developer, I have been stuck in my post.

By NthWpgBasin , 27-01-2012

There Can Be waves up to about 9 feet on lake winnipeg. - The only great surfing spot is only accessable by jetski so only about a dozen people know about it. Its in the north basin where it goes from 20 foot water to about 5 foot water because of an underwater cliff.

By Dan , 13-07-2008

Up North? - Had a mate from Yellowknife that swears the lake fetch barrels in... anybody ever been?

By Neuf , 13-07-2007

No surf in Winnipeg - There is no surf in Winnipeg - trust me I live here! Great City and beaches but no waves.

By Anonymous , 29-06-2007

question - can you ansewer my question does in winnipeg do surfing?

By runa koley , 16-04-2007

visiting place - i want see local visiting place

By , 11-04-2007

i'll show you my Alaskan breaks if you show me your BC breaks - I am going back to Alaska in january or february for a few weeks to surf, and was going to head down to vancouver island to surf for a bit too. i grew up surfing in alaska, and have seen some pretty good days there. I have been living on oahu for the past 5 years but want to get back to some less crowded waves for a bit. i am getting a semi gun and a 8'6" gun shaped and i am looking to ride some bigger waves like 8+ plus hawaiian. so yeah, i'll play host to you for a few weeks and you do the same to me. shoots

By WestCoastRules!!! , 30-12-2006

Sad! - That's hurting! If you want to surf for real why don't you chip the snow and ice off your boards and come out to BC where there's real surf!

By Anonymous , 26-07-2006

Don't know what you're talking about... - I've had many good days over the years at Kincardine pier and other spots on that shoreline, rides from 30 yards off the pier to the first sandbar = 100 yards+. Having said that, Huron in general is not consistent for quality but can get big often with great peaks to chase around.

By J-Man , 26-06-2006

- I live in Kincardine and I see surfers there all time. It's just to bad there aren't any waves for them to ride. If you think kincardine is secret spot, or any where between Kincardine and Point Clark I would think again. We get all kinds of guys sitting on there boards from Toronto, Hamilton, etc.. waiting for the big wave to come rolling in and if they are luckey to get up they got a 2 second ride on a 2 foot wave. I'm not kidding either when I say 2 seconds. Bad under tow when we get above 35km/hr winds.

If you want to come surf in Kincardine I suggest you bring your kites with you. At least then you'll be guaranteed to have some fun.

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