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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Rosies bay

Canada, West Coast

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By Anonymous , 05-08-2006

cyotcb - I got a sweet back door barrel here last time I surfed it. Its fun and the boys out there arn't bad. They got it so wired. It doesn't matter who's out. Pete and Sep see waves and are on it before you even know whats coming. Oh and Adam Smallwood if he's there. No chance for any one getting the gems. Not that he's greedy he's just switched on. I go just to make seal noises and beet up Noaha C. Stop bit'n my steez NC. Who am I?

By anonymous , 22-05-2006

hahah - yeaahhh... american and i surf Rhode island which is pretty cold in dead cant be that much colder surf there in a second.

By anonymous , 17-04-2006

dont bother - stay out of the way and just surf at long beach or cox because the locals here are fiesty. this spots not good enough to fight over with the locals.

By anonymous , 29-09-2005

- Rosies is a left break. the picture is shitty there. it only breaks at low tide. tourists are not welcome here.. locals only at this break

By warm up here , 02-09-2005

canadians surf better - FACT... american surfers freeze up in cold water. ...

By ~silver , 01-06-2005

CANADIAN's are a little off - 1. that pic is of a very sloppy left, (not anyway a right) it is from the surfers perspective, not from the beach. kook. 2. It is not a great spot according to that pic. It is Chossy and Sloppy. 3. I have toured North America including Canada and Canadians were some of the stupidist people I have ever met. This is proof. Good luck with that.

By anchor tits. , 10-01-2005

please - please everyone come here please surf this spot, help me freak out the wimpy locals. They are all talk anyway. Who would of thought Canucks would start acting like dumb americans one day?

By anonymous , 28-10-2004

place rocks - it rocks there great waves dont worry about locals,it is tofino after all,have fun.

By anonymous , 27-06-2004

Don't even try - This is a tight crowded local spot. Go to cox bay if you don't live here

By anonymous , 08-01-2004


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