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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Qualicum beach

Canada, West Coast

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By josef , 29-12-2009

- this is qualicum beach.

By Anonymous , 20-05-2009

locals ownly - hey brah this is a local only break... the boys strictly regulate this point and will not tolerate any dropping in or kooking out

By Andrew Foreign , 16-09-2008

Nile Creek Does Go Off - I regularly surf both the east and west sides of the island, including remote breaks on the west coast like Twin Rivers and Hesquiat Peninsula. I pulled up to Nile Creek during the tail end of a strong winter storm, and I was blown away. The first thing I saw was a guy on a funboard go over the falls backwards while trying to paddle over a 7 foot curling face. I laughed my head off in disbeleif and suited up for what ended up being a super fun session on the east side of the island. Quick fast rights, occasionally heaving lips, and very very strong sideways currents (typical on any point break)I follwed the storms, and found It only breaks like that a few times every winter.

By Anonymous , 10-01-2008

To the haters - This is for all the posts on here who say that there is no surf in Qualicum....Good, keep thinkin that cause we dont want you out there anyway. I consistantly surf four diferent spots in this area and they can range from a small 3' to a powerful 7' somteimes 8' if you get the right weather. If you live here and you know where to go you can find the waves, for anyone out of town i wouldnt recomend it because the best spots are well kept secrets and unless you know where to go you will never find them! To everybody on the eastside that does live and surf here you know what its like and it speaks for itself. See you in the line up!

By Paul , 15-12-2007

Good surf....somtimes - Columbia Beach and Nile Creek both have decent surf on days with SE wind over 25 knots. Ideally, you have a strong SE blowing all night and into the morning, then have it switch to a very light NW, to give the waves good shape. On days with 40+ knot SE winds, there is a break in Qualicum bay that breaks for 300-400 can surf it from the point all the way to the middle of the bay. Realistically, you are looking at 5-6 days of g0od surf a winter, maybe 5 days of mediocre surf as well. This place really does work, I surfed it yesterday!!

By Matthew , 20-08-2007

Matthew - I surf in Qualicum every winter! 5 or 6 foot swells do hit pretty regular, but ya gotta be there for it... Nile river has great surf several times a year... So does Columbia Beach! Don't comment if you've never spent any time here, especially in the winter.

By Anonymous , 28-06-2007

- are you kidding me the biggest wave ive ever say a qualicum beach is a bout 1ft and how do you plan on surfing that

By pudfluff , 02-03-2007

always onshore - french creek (columbia beach) can get big in anything over 25kt south easterlies... I found that qualicum beach (the parking area by the shell station) gets ok on a strong NW... we've had a lot of good storms this year too... as a matter of fact, tomorrow looks pretty good...

By a guy. , 15-10-2006

I've surfed qualicum. - It does happen. But don't surf the beach. You're better off going up north a bit to qualicum bay. And just north of qualicum bay is a bridge. Park at the bridge and you'll see the right breaking into the river. But yah only on big wind swell days. Bring you're planks.

By anonymous , 13-12-2005

- Nope
youa re all wrong about qualicum beach there can be waves but it hardly ever happens and I have seen photos of waves up to 6 ft breaking there however it rarely happens so dont plan on surfing it if you are not from around here.

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