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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Port renfrew

Canada, West Coast

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By brendan c , 26-09-2009

check yourselves - what the hell is all this stupid commentary...all this bickering sounds like a bunch of kooky girls. Wheres the love we all surf for the same reason..agro surfers are the reason surfers are no long pictured as a cool subculture but a bunch of mainstream asshole with no respect!

By Anonymous , 18-09-2007

- I think it deserves more stars for its potential even though it usually should not even be considered a surf spot. In like 92, on a rare 16 foot South swell I caught that place reeling off like a right hand desert point. However, there was so much water moving that one couldn't stay lined up and then the shore pound mixed with drift wood was deadly. If I still lived there though I'd hit it with a friend and a sea-doo. That would be fun! I however aint leavin' my little Bali villa to surf that usual slop any time soon!

By anonymous , 25-03-2006

c'mon - be nice everyone.

By anonymous , 12-07-2005

- photo 6 is crazy!

By Anti-Pudknocker Expenditoioary Strike Force , 06-07-2005

Pudknocker - It sure is nice to hear from an Assiwipe Californian from San Diego opps, I mean transplated New local living in Baja. I just got back from a week in the Baja and scored some killer empty point waves. I didn't see a BC Canadian in sight... They're all probably hard at work at the Oil Patch saving money for their winter trips down to Baja... The reality is that Gringos that move down to Baja are just as bad or maybe worse than all the young punks that infest Baja during the summertime, I sure do wish there was a draft... Oh, yeah, only rich gringos drink Modelo Classico, real men in the Baja Frontiera drink Tecate... God I love Baja.

By California Anti-Pudknocker Expeditionary Patrol , 28-06-2005

Bueno por nada - Just got back from empty point waves in Baja Norte. Nice south swell(alittle bit too much wind during the day) and not a Canadian in sight or anybody other than the Pescadors... Real men on the Baja Frontiera drink Tecate, not Modelo... That's for transplanted gringos, who complain about more gringos coming down and surfing with them. God I love the Baja...

By Keep the beaches clean , 28-06-2005

Zigz sounds sad! - Big South never hit big Zigz. And as for stealing waves, whose waves? Yours? Hey, I agree alot of gringos can mess up any place, but if California was left to the mexican government and people, it would be another shit-hole like TJ Mexico. Thank god Mexico stops at the border. And what is the Mexican Government doing about all the crap from TJ, Fucking Nothing. The Bastards.

By Zigz , 28-06-2005

Strong south on the way June 2005 - I live in this shitbag called Baja and you guys should be aware a nice south swell has been pumping through here so I heard you guys can get south swells. I hope you catch a cleanwater barrel for me cuz with all the asswipe Californians "coming down to HIT IT and SCORE some waves MAN" there's not much chance I will be dropping in on any of the waves with my Mexican local friends who grew up here. I grew up in San Diego and had to move south of the border to find reality again. But summer blows that out of the water with all the SoCal school jock surfer wannabe stock brokers in training who moved here from Michigan. I used to spend my summers on Vancouver Island with my grandparents, so rip waves for me and I'll crack open another Modelo Classic while we watch the stinkin' gringos steal our waves here in shit infested Southern California, uh, Baja. The swell was generated from deep south so it should last a while. Good luck.

By anonymous , 01-06-2005

WOW - The place is the Septic tank of B.C, hmmmm mabey the Universe

By Anti-Pud Knocker Patrol, California Chapter , 22-04-2005

Pud Knockers - You guys are sad... Protecting your cold half assed spot. You guys are pretty tough locals, too bad next winter you all will leave the Great White North and sit your lilly white asses down in sunny warm Baja. I can't count all the BC surfers I met down in Baja last winter. You guys can't take to cold??? Stay at your local breaks if you're so hardcore. P.S. Don't drive thru California. Drive around the state, we don't want you bringing Mad Cow or SARS with you, Ay, hosers....

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