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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Jordan river

Canada, West Coast

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By cutback king , 13-11-2004

keep out the yankees - stick to your own turf yank, go surf "the dump" or "hoebuck". Good website, but you gotta realize that jriver is one of the most crowded breaks on the island and yes there are lots of daggers out there. As for them drop on in on those kooks everytime. This break rarely works anyways.

By , 08-11-2004

11-7-04 visit - Found this site and figured we would try to scope out some spots from Bellingham. Took the expensive ferry ride from Tawassen (sp?) and then drove and stayed the night in Victoria (Cool Town). The Ferry ride was $59 each way!!! Anyway...Sunday drove to Jordan River Break, right where the river drops into the bay. The locals said that the swell over the week was good, but when we got there it was maybe 2' and shrinking. Looks like it would be a great spot if the swell was up. There were only 2 guys in the water when we got there, and only one rideable break. We opted not to go in. Good thing because a few minutes later a couple Ocean Kyaks paddled out and took every wave that came. Essentially cutting the surfers off completely. Not nice. Will probably go to Tofino next trip to Vancouver Island (next spring). Till then, it's Westport and saving $100 on Ferry costs. Thanks for the great website! Will Check out Whidbey Island this weekend and take pics.

By anonymous , 07-11-2004

Hey Yank - Ever used a telephone? Canadian invention.
Ever watch T.V? Canadian invention.
Ever heard of insulin? Canadian invention.
Ever listen to the radio? Canadian invention.
Ever heard of basketball or hockey? Canadian inventions.
Lightbulb, electron microscopy,newsprint, JAVA script,
Quartz clock, standard time, zipper, walkie-talkie,...
The list goes on my friend. Canadians have contributed much more to the world per capita (you do know what I mean by per capita?) than our slow neighbours to the south.

You have just reinforced by convictions that americans are a disease on our great continent. Get lost. Hope the next bullet doesnt miss your head.

By David Eggars , 03-11-2004

- Yo, Anon(tough talk from someone who is afraid to sign his name on a stupid surf website). Sorry I haven't responded to your message sooner, but I haven't been on this site for a few days. To tell you the truth, I just wanted to get a rise out of some Canucks, and truth be told, I actually wish I was a Canadian. Interesting that you mention the Romans, 'cause I just left a post on the Silver Strand site that alludes to that. If you don't know where that is - it's in California. Friggin webmater will probably ax it due to it's political commentary anyhow. I'm fucked up right now and I still match your intellectual prowess. So, I don't know where A Canadian gets off calling Americans uneducated. What has been Canada's major contribution to the world? I'm not aware of any Canadian breakthroughs in any professional fields. Sorry to upset you, but I was just fucking with you. Oh by the way, if I did show up at Jordan River, you bitches wouldn't stand a chance. You wouldn't last a day in the areas I frequent. No macho joke just a fact. How many people do you know that's been shot in the head? Have you ever been shot(at)? How many dead bodies have you seen(not at a funeral but live at the seen)? I could go on, but we both know I don't need to. Chill out Canucks - stop trying to emulate American tough guys. There isn't anything to gain from it. F GWB.

By anonymous , 01-11-2004

Surfing SW Coast - Hi so you were in Taiwan as well. I lived on the east coast in Taitung for 2 years. I am living back in Victoria now and I am going up to JR about 4 days a week. The surf here is just as good or better than Taiwan (except of course for some epic Typhoon-swell days) in my opinion. There are a few other places you can surf near JR and the best time to go is between Fall and Winter. It is cold as hell so you will need a good wetsuit either 5-4 or 6 in thickness as well as boots and gloves. If you want to go up with me in my car you are more than welcome. Just contact me by giving me you email. And don't worry about anyone laughing at you.The best thing to do is be friendly and go in a group. No one is really that special around here( excluding PD, S and RB)

By ayane , 28-10-2004

hey~ - Hey, i'm from victoria. I learned surfing just this summer in Taiwan (joined a 3 days camp) and met up with some typhoon waves, so i'm not very good. But i didn't know you can surf up at JR, which is pretty close to Vic, but after sorta looking at these msges i'm kind of scared that just because i'm not good i'm going to get criticized or laughed at by some pros. Will this be a problem? I just want to learn to surf that's all. Also, are there ppl surfing now? now that the weather is really getting cold?

By anonymous , 24-10-2004

To David Eggars - Here is my idea. You come to the the point at JR, mention your name and say what you said on Wannasurf and where you are from. Then we will see how well you do against a bunch of us Canucks. And don't talk about how tough yanks are anymore. The entire world knows you are all a bunch of uneducated dumb-asses who are just following the footsteps of the Romans. Can't wait to see your nation crash and burn. Hell I can even watch it on your own television networks.
Have a good day
PS If there are are any words in the above mentioned passage you don't understand then please feel free to use a dictionary. Oh wait you don't know what dictionary means.

By David Eggars , 22-10-2004

- Yo Canucks, stop trying to act hard. You ain't. I kill Canadiens for sport. Nobody can even surf up there anyway. You need to learn how to surf before you start the local thing. You people don't even smoke rocks. You fairy BC bud sissies. Ohh I smoke weed and vibe people at Jordan River while I try to stand up on my surfin board with rudders on it,eh. Tim Horton's sucks and so do you. You people can't even make a pizza. Please take Celine Dion back to her frog influenced country. We don't want her no more

By Hump , 21-10-2004

he was right! - My tires were slashed and wallet was stolen. I have also seen people put in the hospital through fights and such. I will never go back to that place again. Anyway the wave is fickle and weak. Reminds me of tofino.

By D. Ray , 13-10-2004

ya wanna go? - Localism is alive and well in JR. You will get dropped in on, you will get yelled at, you will never get any respect and you will get tuned. It is a tight knitt crew and you are not invited!!! As for the KOOK kneeboarder, you couldn't catch shit. Sitting deeper doesn't mean squat, if you don't live there, too bad. No more room for anyone , the door is shut!!!!! You kooks sure like to talk shit, time to back it up. I dare you to confront a true long time local and speak your spew. See how far that gets you.

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