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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Jordan river

Canada, West Coast

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By Grom4life , 10-12-2004

Put the local back in Localism - Ok Zephir dude. You are righ on about most of your statements. I'm well aware that localism is much worse in other parts of the surfing world. What gets me here at home thou is that for one, these 'locals' are for the most part grown up rich kids from Oak Bay, which is almost a 2 hour drive. How does that make them local? Secondly, I have yet to see even one of these "locals" shred. Sure some of them can do basic cutbacks and off the lips, but thats the extent of thier talent- how lame. If your gonna cop attitude then you had better be straight busting out dudes!

By Zephr , 10-12-2004

Nonsense - Never before have I read so many pages on one subject-the localism at Jr. Havn't you fellow Canada folk have anything cool or positive to post. This site has turned into the little talk shit site , go on mud Canada's surf culture and color yourselves bad. Surfing in Bc used to be fun localism or not lets all wake up and stop ignoring the fact that localism is prevailent in 99% of all surf Culture-Let's get this strait the local in localism means that this particular individual probably lives in the area so wherever you go you must have respect for these individuals if you don't want any trouble. I have surfed around the world and just don't park myself at the peak unless invited. Sometime you have to settle for the scraps until you get the fillet.

By anonymous , 24-11-2004

Cold - Looks like a cold water Pavones.

By Hodad , 22-11-2004

Who would have thought? - Dam, I didnt know Canada had such a nice wave. If I am ever in the area during summer you know what!!

By right on by'ye , 22-11-2004

david eggars - hey david, your name sounds really familiar. do you write for a surf mag, or do you shape boards by chance? I can't think where I've seen your name. swaylock's maybe? i'm a canadian, nova scotia. but i live in Japan. my home break these days is shinko. it's probably on this site somewhere. nice beach. anyway, apologies for the ridiculous generalizations being made about americans here. sure a lot of americans are uneducated dicks, canadians too. we can drink ya's under the table though. anyway, i never post but I can't figure out why i know your name. holler back.... nice JR pics guys, I've always wanted to see what the place looked like. maybe I'll take a trip up next time I go to BC to visit the boys in whistler. bet all you locals'll love that! anyone got a place for me to crash?

By , 22-11-2004

coming back from taiwan - Hi, I've been living in a small town on the east coast of Taiwan (Dasi) and if the waves are up- able to surf daily. The life couldn't be more perfect for an ocean lover. However, I must return to Vancouver for grad school. I've never been to the west coast to surf. I'd love to find someone to surf with there...and I'm polite, won't drop in..etc. Just want to have some good ol fashion fun.

By , 21-11-2004

anonakook - You are wrong about nobody ownind the point, WFP owns it. Furthermore, there is a pecking order to the lineup. Do you even know what that is? Doubt it! Your jealousy is apparent. It must be frustrating to watch us surf better than you and take the best set waves. Thats what 20+ years of surfing the area does. We Know there are more people stoked surfing,great but we were here before you and that is the way it is and will always be. Respect is earned. Hiding behind anonymous threads is boring and dumb. It is quite obvious you are not brave enough or mature enough to stand up for yourself. You are a follower dictated by rumour and speculation. Any anger to you was probably warranted. One last thing, the threats made towards myself, my dog and my vehicle , as well as the graffitti is getting old. A quick phone call can reveal the ip address of the anonymous user. Also the fact that this moderator would allow these threats to be posted shows how lame this site really is. Quit talking shit and go surf!

By anonymous , 17-11-2004

Oh those so-called locals - Yeah I hear you about the JR 'locals'. What is funny about it all is that none of the agro 30-ish guys are locals anymore than you or I. Every local I have run into(I mean the guys who have been there since the beginning)has always been polite unless the newbie does something stupid or dangerous. I wonder how many of these wanna-be locals grew up in Sooke or JR? Probably under 5%. I don't consider myself anymore local or special then anyone else who shows up to surf those spots though I spent half my life out there. What I don't get is why someone would want to surf all the time if they were constantly angry with everything and everybody around them. If it was me I would switch hobbies or check my head. My advice for dealing with these so-called locals is as follows 1) always be curteous and friendly, but never chatty 2) never give in to their negativity by being agro back and 3) always show up with more guys so you outnumber them.
If eventually there are so many of us who don't take shit all around them then will go to there hike-in spots and we will no longer have to deal with their stupid shit. The point belongs to no-one. It is public. If you don't like it then go do your hike-ins chumps.

By , 16-11-2004

Locals Must Lighten Up - I started surfing Jordan R. last year. I probably had 30 days in the ater last year and this year only 5 times or so. I don't drop in on anyone, I'll pass waves up occasionally, and I usually try to keep to myself. Usually during a weekend trip there will be a few times when I have the opportunity to say a word or two to someone. Sometimes I get a friendly person, but mostly I get Stink Eye, or completely ignored.
I love to surf, I will continue to surf, and I will go to Jordan R. to surf whenever I want. I will still say "Hello" or "nice ride" to people I don't know. If these local tough guys would just mellow out it would really make my bi-weekly surf trips more enjoyable. It's a really nice place it's too bad some guys act like if you don't have a Sooke birth certificate you're a piece of crap.

By Brad Jacobs , 13-11-2004

David Eggars "The idiot" - What a fucking moron. You yanks just don't get it, arrogant and agro. No one cares where you've surfed or how many dead body's you've seen. We don't have guns so fuck-ups like you can't get a hold on one. I agree with the other guy, you guys are an arrogant disease that has just proven the reason why your political power is the way it is. Show up to our break and expect to get dropped in on because after comments like " huh? what has Canada ever contributed", you won't be seeing any of our waves anytime soon. Keep up the attitude and see where it takes you, especially when you have to travel on that yankee passport, you poor bastard.

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