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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Jordan river

Canada, West Coast

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By el robinder , 23-05-2005

jordan river "locals" - locals? how many of you actually live in jordan river? and who cares if you do? i've been surfing the south island spots for 15 years and the only time any of the so-called locals gave me a hard time was when i was a 16 year old kid. real tough guys. i've never seen anyone get beaten up in the parking lot. guys like donovan ray are angry and stupid and aggressive but they are all talk. localism on vanvouver island is a joke. i'd like to see tough-guy donovan punch someone out on the beach so i could call the cops and have him tossed in jail. get the obnoxious bastard out of the water for a few months. you're my sunshine superman, donnie!

By The Lucky Country , 04-05-2005

- If these comments are serious, I pitty you. A wave breaking 3 times a year, move somewhere else. Where I live, if it breaks under 3 times a week I get disappointed. And if the water is under 17 degrees its a record.

By anonymous , 23-04-2005

Beginner - Hi im a beginner
and since the weather's so god damn nice lately.
i am thinking going jordan river.
but i have no idea where is the beginner area
and is it still cold in the water?
do i need to rent the board b4 i go there?
no shop there?


By localism and negativity licks arse , 13-04-2005

Lets spread everyone out - This list for surf spots goes from south to north so use your noodles. First is Deer Creek(Copper Creek?) which is second bridge after Gordans Beach.It is a river mouth sort of. Next is JR Sewers, JR Point , JR river mouth, and JR rock pile; go to river mouth if you are a beginner. Next between JR and China you have a place some call K2 or something like that. Just walk north along the beach from JR or south on beach from China.
Next we have China beach;it is also suitable for beginners and the vibe is good. Follow south entrance trail to beach. There is a small A-frame( mostly left) and a right when you get to the bottom of the trail. If you come down the north parking lot trail you will have to walk south and cross two small streams and go around a little point to get to the two breaks.
After China you have a whole bunch of hike-ins. I will not tell you where those are other than that they are between the obvious places. Get a map, keep you eyes open when on the road and you will see the signs.
After those places you have Sombrio. Sombrio has several breaks. South end of beach is Firsts. In the middle you have Chickens (of Jesse's if you are cool). At the north end you have Seconds peak. Further past that to the north you have Waterfalls which works sometimes. The way I see it we have to populate all the accessible spots with nice people, beginners and soul surfers. All the grumpy arsehole locals can have their secret spots... but not for long.
good surfing

By rookie , 10-04-2005

spots nearby? - hello all. I heard that you can take some trails from near the beach at JR to surfable spots cose by that might not be as good, but at least aren't crowded. does anyone know about these or have directions? it would be good for me because i'm a beginner and wouldnt get in peoples way. thanks!

By RippinRichKidsThatCANTrip! , 08-02-2005

Danger in the water - I also saw something disturbing in the water, kids from Victoria trying to surf. Watch out, they might get you too.

By anonymous , 01-01-2005

- Great White spotted near the river mouth in front of Shakies. Could have been feeding off the dead seals that are washing up. Should hit the news soon. Beware, if the currents from the river doesnt get ya the shark will.

By danny boy sponging , 23-12-2004

jordan river? - dude you are all kooks this place is a river waves don't even break here and what croud ??? the croud of fisherman hahahaha!!!

By Ayane , 13-12-2004

To 'Surfing SW Coast' and - Hey, so you both were in Taiwan? That's amazing. How do you like the waves here. It is getting so cold here on the west coast, i'm missing so much of the hot weather and warm waters in Taiwan, espeically the waves. Don't know how long it will be till the next time i go surfing again.

By surf better-snake better , 11-12-2004

the great northwest - whatever to the previous submitees

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