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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Jordan river

Canada, West Coast

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By skipjack , 26-11-2005

awesome - Jordan River is truly a sweet spot when it is on. I really love the spot but I must say I think i get more enjoyment from watching fat angry old dudes who think that they are entitled to something grovel to drop in on people at JR and then instead of making the wave and kicking down a sweet claim or turn they just plain wipe out and belly flop onto their small nutsacks and over inflated bud light beer guts. Sweet brotha keep the comedy of errors coming. Too bad we can't all just kickdown and trade off on the same waves together and share a couple of laughs and beers after a session. I suppose that surfing is all about not having a good time these days. Sorry to all the rippers.

By a friendly local , 28-09-2005

the season for jordan - sorry dude, you missed it ... jordan only really breaks from may to sept ... see you next summer!

By anonomos , 22-09-2005

surf - Anyone know how the surf is shaping up at Jordon river right now? Will there be swell there soon?

By anonymous , 18-09-2005

sellout - looks like aaron jackson will be selling out our spots on his "cross canada corporate tour", check out: for the proof of his plans to exploit our waves!

By richard nixon (not my real name ... ooooh) , 15-09-2005

nob creek - hmmmmm ... does anyone have anything to say about the BREAK? jordan river? or about the surfers? nope. just eggers & other nimrods spouting nothing. who's this guy who thinks that signing your name on a WEBSITE makes you some kind of hero? i guess when he starts posting his address & phone #, all of us "insane" people will be impressed. i guess all any of this proves is that the vibe at jordan is pretty bad. lots of drop ins. lots of grumpy old men who can't really surf. luckily, every once in a while ... GREAT LONG BEAUTIFUL WAVES. you can almost forget about all the wankers in the water.

By David Eggars , 01-09-2005

- Sorry,I saw I spelled a word incorrectly. Again, sorry.

By David Eggars , 01-09-2005

- I haven't been on this website in quite a while. Today I scanned some of the old posts, and to my suprise saw my name mentioned in a few. Then I see my Oct 22 2004 post and can't beleive that message got some of y'all upset. Wow, that was such a ridiculous post. I'm the unedecutated fool? OK, whatever makes you feel better. Well, I'm going to get a bag of ready rock and dope. See ya's later.

By Buzzy K. , 19-08-2005

Highly rate this wave - This spot just cooks!! Spent last winter in Vancouver and came over to surf it a lot. World class on it's day. Heavy Locals? Bullshit! They back off if you keep dropping in on them and ride over them when gouging a cuttie. Then sit deep and they'll stay away from you. Meet force with force , they're just a herd of turkeys over there. Think I'll be over there agin this winter with a bunch of me mates.After last winter,we should have the "locals" servin us coffee and fried chicken after our sesh. Thats if they haven't moved off to Long Beach!!

By Dean F. , 16-07-2005

quit complaining and just surf - There sure is a lot of bickering and backstabbing going on at this web site. You whiners obviously have to much spare time on your hands. These angry and vindictive threads are obviously written by uneducated, cowardly, unimaginative nonames. I say this because not one of you snivelling losers have signed with your real name. You are only stroking your own tiny ego. This could be seen as the acts of an insane person. Check yourself into a hospital before it is to late!

By college kid , 30-06-2005

great wave for learnig - I just got done watching the movie point break - and I think iam going to start surfing. Word has it that the jordan river is a great spot to learn on - I can't wait

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