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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Jordan river

Canada, West Coast

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By The Patriot , 13-03-2006

Well done, from a fellow American - David Eggars has just proven in one post what is wrong with America today. Thank you for helping our nation clearly identify why it faces so many challenges and problems both on the home front and international front.
please forgive the redneck, he hasn't gotten his daily injection dose of Fox news, reality TV and football. He should return to normal once our schooling system and foreign affair policies get straightened out, might be in 2008, in the post-Bush era though...

Sorry for the inconveniance.

By yo yo yo joyseeeeee , 13-03-2006

yo let me get a cheese steak with hots. - Holy! Poor David You sound like you might just be a typical Jersey Wigger. In layman's terms you probably wear a candystriped popcorn box NY Yankees hat all crooked off to one side. You most probably wear white reeboks and oversized sweat pants with one leg rolled up and a huge white or pink t-shirt and do a lot of yo, yo,yoing. Don't forget the fake limp and the yellowed out, dinged 5'11 lost board that you stole from some little grom back in 1998. Continue to surf those dribbly little South Jersey waves with all the ohter east coast kids. A quick news breif, the Canadians that wear speedos on your syringe littered Jersey beaches are French Canadians and the reside on the east coast and live in land. So, why the fuck would we out here on the west coast give a rats ass about any of your stories of old. P.s. We actually get swell out here, if you lose the wigger attitude and clothes you can come and visit without getting your ass handed to you. Cheers big ears.

By DAVID EGGARS , 23-02-2006

- Hey Canucks, it's David Eggars. How are youse guys. Good. I'm ok, getting better, thanks for asking. As winter fades away, and the dreaded reality of summer looms closer, I have a favour(hey, I spelled it all Canadian and shit, oh yeah what's with the extra "u" in some of your favoRite words?) to ask of Y'ALL. I live in New Jersey which is located in the United States off AMerica. The U.S. is the country that borders Canada to the south. I've been away from the surfing lifestyle due to a problem I had last year with sniffing brown flakes up my nose. But, sadly I'm getting away from that glorious lifestyle and returning to the surf. Now, instead of worrying about getting enough flakes up my nose everyday to keep me from shaking,vomiting,sweating, having the inability to be in ONE POSTION FOR ONLY ONE SECOND UNTIL I HAD TO TRY AND GET COMMFORTABLE AGAIN BUT I CAN'T GET COMFORTABLE AND I FEEL LIKE I WANT TO CRAWL OUT OF MY SKIN BUT I CANT AND NOW I HAVE TO GO DIAREAH AND I'm SO MISERABLE I COULD..... Now I have to worry about other surfers and what their all up to and shit. And what's worse, WHICH IS THE POINT OF THIS MESSAGE, is that come summer Canadians will come to New Jersey and Canadian guys will wear speedos on the beach. Speedo wearin' Canadians can be seen on various Jersey beaches especially the Wildwoods(Them speedo Canucks love that place-probably the trashy South Philly girls. Only joking, I love you trashy skanks from S. Philly especially a classy beautiful Victoria Fillapallo SP. ? ST> JOE's) Let me tell you why,even a "live and let live" attitude would oppose speedos. One time a few summers ago I ran into an old high school surfing buddy out in the Harvey Cedars' lineup. Having been good friends until he left the state, we arranged to meet at his mother's house in Brigantine, NJ later in the day. We went out to dinner at a hotel bar that is RIGHT ON THE BEACH! After a couple of rounds, some grinds, and past memories, the whole bar's attention suddenly was focused on the beachfront. SOME STUPID CANADIAN IN A SPEEDO was staggering aroud the beach, screaming shit in French. The whole bar watched the spectacle of some idiot drunk Candian IN A SPEEDO searching for something on the beach, while he was too drunk to stand. Finally the poLICE came and had to assist the speedo wearing freak. You could tell that the police were taken aback by the sight of some speedo wearin Canadian when they first arrived. They didn't appear to know what to do. I'm no fan of cops but damn who the hell wants to deal with some fag Canadian in speedos. That was the only time I felt sorry for a cop. I've been drinking heavily and its time to smoke a bowl of relatively shitty high grade Mexican. Yeah Yeah I know your weed's better and all that. Right now I need to find the medium of good high and cheap price/quantity so FU. Oh to recap, H is terribly wonderful and horrific, I'm the greatest amatuer surfer of all time, and Victoria Fillapallo or whatever from Carolyn Clark's and Dr. Reagan's classes is the best mixture of smarts beauty class modesty acceptance humor and thought you could ever find. Also she probably cooks good food. I like Italian food. I mean I like it alot. Oh YEAH STOP WEARING SPEEDOS ON THE JERSEY BEACHES YOU FAGS. thanks for your time. yo, do youse guys gots Tim Horton's on the west coast?

By Mike and beefcake , 13-02-2006

starting surfing - well I guess the most important thing is I need to know the ways in which a new surfer doesn't get in the way

By upright and rippin , 21-01-2006

- nice new picture of the sasquach surfer in it's natural habitiat. Well at least local chiropractors will benifit from the hunchback of JR style of surfing so popualr in these waters. Look out style police.

By anonymous , 31-12-2005

- hahahahahahahahaha what a joke these locals r probibly chapped cause theres so many kooks up there barging the peak with no idea how to surf a point break. i surf a heavy point on a daily basis and i see tons of idiots just asking to get beat down. im a strong believer of localism but that dont mean i dont travel, i just respect the pecking order.i come alone get a few waves and vanish not sit on it for a month like a fuckin kook. get some and go and thats the way it should be your fuckin dues and hold down the fort.

By skipjackolantern , 26-12-2005

sorry - didn't mean to suggest that i was protecting any spots on the island. I don't believe in the bullshit locals only attitude anywhere in the world. I didn't intend to offend, I was just suggesting that more people down at the old JR should have more fun and lighten up. Hey , you won't catch me snaking anybody or claiming waves, I'm all about sharing and getting stoked on others ripping it up. I like to spout of a little hot steam every once in a while. I don't mind if you tossed the "being able to paddle quickly" comment at me, it's water off of a duck's back literally. If you do like to throw dukes I don't mind either, I won't paddle anywhere I can sit right there and take lumps and give plenty too and then we can suck back a couple of rye and soda waters whith some missing teeth together. Nahhh, just pulling strings, like I said I'm all about ripping and having a few laughs.

By anonymous , 15-12-2005

Embarrassed! - Wow! in all the years I've been surfing(22)and of all the places around the globe I've visited for waves I am blown away by the tough guy local attitude at Canadian breaks. Who ever would have thought that we would have so may over protective mindless retards guarding our handfull of good breaks. I myself am Canadian and am embarrassed by the comments made on this forum. To all the lookers on from Mexico, Brazil, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Indo etc..... Don't group us all together. I'll be glad to return the favor and share MY waves with you on your travels through Canada.
To rest of you moron's pray you don't pull that tough guy sh_t with me in the lineup. If so, you better be able to paddle fast.

By skipjack , 11-12-2005

awesome - too much bickering.Too many fat old angry dudes doing belly flops onto their budlight guts at the point.Too much tough talk. Too many 8 to 10 foot tankers tombstoning in the line up. Boring stuff guys. More above the lip shredding would be nice, the boys are growing tired of the old saskwatch taking a dump stance in 3 foot dribble. Keep the Island sweet.

By Steve , 28-11-2005

IT'S DAVID EGGERS. - If your name really is David Eggars, my apologies. If you are misrepresenting the real David EGGERS, former Clifornia ASP surfer from the 80's you should at least spell his last name right.

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