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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Jordan river

Canada, West Coast

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By jimme jaymz one of the sooke trolls , 16-05-2006

born and raised a sooke troll - ive been surfing that beach for years.i just thought id say to the new comers ASK AROUND ON WERE TO START SPLASHING AROUND as we all know theres spot for you guys. our waves arnt here year round, we love to ride those waves. but you who are learning go out in the wrong spot and get in the way. YOU are a hazard to your self and my boards. i hate running you guys over dings suck huge. pay your dues surf the weaker spots then grow, then my boards will be ding free and we can all have a toke afterwards

By do you have a point? , 04-05-2006

david e - - wannasurf was a great idea that seems to be slipping here and there. david, get a life the sad fact is you are a loser, a wanna be hiding behind a message board who in real life would be beaten for an attitude like that. lighten up, get an education lose the wanne be gangster attitude and one day even you might make a friend... that other people can see

By Jordan River Local , 29-04-2006

Eggars - just another american pig - David you are a loser and are not welcome in Canada. If I see you in my home town, I will personaly kick your ass and burn your car to the grownd. Stay home American Bastard. Nobody wants to see stupid people like you. Do the planet a favour and kill yourself.

By David Eggars , 19-04-2006

Leave the mentally ill alone - Since you might shoot your board at me, let me tell you to calm down. Don't take everything too seriously. Canada is probably the best country to live in. Hey I'm jealous. High standard of living, decent waves, nice bud, and you don't have a bunch of phonies or wackos with AK's everywhere. My time in Halifax(east coast, bitches-I'm a wigger right?) was great. Nova Scotia is great. So to is your neck of the woods. Just like to push peoples' buttons here and get them all worked up. Oh that Kelly Slater signature was pure genious. Hey some habits die hard. And don't make fun of the expression "yo." It's better than "EH." Oh please don't shoot your board at me, I just got slashed in Washington DC the other week. Copping dope! I don't need to get cut again. Especially by a surfin' board. Take care Kelly/ Yo yo yo cheesesteak with "hots" Yo, does any Candian women want to adopt me?? I got to get out of here.

By Love, David Eggars , 02-04-2006

- I apologize. I just got off of drugs(well sort of), and I am landlocked in the Washington D.C. area. I had to loose all my "friends" and aquantences from the past, so you could say my world sucks right now. Heroin screwed me up in just a matter of months. Anyways, I guess I've been bored(don't know what to do with myself after getting sober,well sort of) and I guess I've got a lot of built-up rage from my past. So I just wanted to push people's buttons. Actually, I admire Canada. You have a high quality of life and the people are friendly and genuine. Damn you should go to the DC area(nice neighborhoods) these people are so phony and stuck-up it's amazing. That's why I like Jersey. People may be hard but they're down to earth, even the bitches. And you don't have violent psycopaths with nine-millimeters lurking behind every corner. You probably don't have a housing development and strip mall replacing every inch of wild areas that remain, either. Yeah your country is better than mine. What can I say. Yo, try not to let our government push you people around just because they want some seed seller busted or something to that effect. God, I hate when our gov tries to enforce its wills on other sovereign nations. Yeah we suck so maybe you'll understand why I am what I am. Enjoy your area.

By David Eggars , 01-04-2006

Being threatened by a Canuck on a computer - Was that message supossed to strike fear in my drug- beaten heart? Signing as Kelly Slater was ingenious. Upset cause I beat you in our amatuer days? Allright, you scared me. I promise I'll never show up in your little piece of paradise. I wouldn't want to get a surfboard shot at me by Mr. Slater. Actually, that would be great. I could have him aressted for assault and sue for all sorts of damages. Then I could buy all sorts and quantities of narcotics. Sounds good to me. Then one day when it's all forgotten, BOOM. You take my tooth, I'll take your eye.

By , 31-03-2006

Eggars is a sissy b*tch! - Yo Davey! Maybe you should spend more time in the water instead of pursuing a writing career. Problem is at this point, you won't make it out of the water unscathed. I don't know you, but I will kick my board out at you if you so much as get near me while riding.

By anonymous , 19-03-2006

big gay ham and eggars - I will match wits with whom I choose. Unfortunately I have lived among the vermin that you are so proud of. That's right cunt lick, I used to live out in Hunters point in SF and also used to cruise around out in the tenderloin. Look those places up punk, read up on them.If you think dodging bullets, cracked out bums, jacked up transvestites, muggers, scumbag wiggers who will only jump you from behind or when they've got 10 friends yo yo yo yoing and groups of 15 or more hommeez getting drunk in front of the liquor store at 10 am is cool then I guess I earned a couple of stripes. Who cares anyway, isn't this site about surfing? You need to surf more fag hag. Shit dude lay off the ice. Quit worrying about what people think of you. Yes Halifax is sweet but what the fuck does that have to do with anything.
P.S.I thought wiggers spent all their time smokin' bud and acting not unlike hippies on speed.
Who cares about hippies and bud anyway pal?

By David Eggars , 16-03-2006

Attentions Douche Bags - Hey, if you look in my post you will see that I said the speedo wearing canuck was babbling in French. So yeah I know about French Canadians and all that shit. Don't ever try to match wits with me because you'll never beat me. The only person who has a chance at that is Mr. Young, and y'all are not Mr. Young. First of all, no one says a Cheesesteak with hots. It's a cheesesteak wit or witout(onions that is). Also Mr. Candian New Jersey expert, you mention a Yankees hat and then mention South Jersey??? South Jersey is Philadelphia, New Jersey douche bag. I wear a Phillies hat "to the side" Oh and how did one come to assume I'm a wigger. Oh yeah it's JOISEE not JOYsee and that's a North Jersey thing. And I hate to tell you this BUT NO ONE IS GOING TO HAND ME MY ASS IN CANADA. AIN"T GONNA HAPPEN. BEEN THERE AND I"M COMPLETELY UNAFRAID OF ANYONE THERE. COME hang in the neighborhoods I frequent and HONESTLY TELL ME THAT I"D BE AFRAID OF SOME VANCOUVER ISLAND FAGGOT. Nigga Please. Trust me, most surfer types have not been exposed to the type of vermin I have, especially not some BC BUD smoking hippie from Jordan River. Oh PATRIOT, its funny, but I'm pretty sure you used to agree with me over on the GOLDIE, harassing vickies. Though I did use a different alias over there. Right Mr. Brady. Wow, you kiss Canadian ass but give it to the vickies. I actually have more respect for the vickies. Canadians are absolute boors. The most dull uninteresting people on the planet. Get a real country. Damn you people are even losing hockey to all the europeans. Halifax rules and you people on the west coast suck. It's too warm there, but you act like it's all cold and shit.

By ADAM , 15-03-2006

WASUP BRAH!!! - sorry about the board bag dorrie!! Hey were all comming up to surf the river this winter...... NOT! See you soon HENCHMAN...... The invasion is happening......LONG LIVE GREENTREE BOWL........

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