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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Jordan river

Canada, West Coast

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By kiwi , 16-10-2006

listen and learn - Im from new zealand and was just checking out jordan river on this site and came across this message board that seemed to be full of a whole bunch of canadians wingeing about kooks and localism. grow up you fucks. Ive lived on van is for a bit and its an awesome place so why do you all ruin it by acting like a pack of assholes who sound like they just need to go surfing more. remember, respect gets respect, everyone was a kook once and if you dont think you were then you probly still are. surfings for fun so just go surfing. drop in and snake and expect to get it right back at ya... ive surfed all over the world and you fucken canadians are by far the worst at sharing waves with travellers. maybe its coz you havnt left your little island and dont know what its like to roll up to someone elses break and pick of the garbage while the locals take the set waves. or maybe your just bitter coz your sick of wearing your wetsuit all year round.... anyways everyone should just get along, if you see a kook droping in or snaking let him know coz he probly doesnt even know hes doing anything wrong! teach them something and the water will be a funner place for us all........

By doggone it , 15-10-2006

haha - Washington, Oregon to surf???? Hahaaha. Sure they might have relatively empty line ups and cop better swell but why not just drive further south and chuck on a 3'2 and actually see some sun for a change.haha. Who cares about crowds Nor cal and So cal are holding, screw Washington and oregon. What a bunch of tree hugging yokels.

By Anonymous , 14-10-2006

- just stay in Canada. Quit coming to Washington and Oregon to surf.

By your friend , 11-10-2006

kook destroyer destroyer - get f@#ked buddy. everyone has a right to the water. god only knows how trash u are. if u want to ride alone with ur gay jail buddys go to the tip of the island. if u say something to me while im out there i will smash your teeth through the back of your mouth.

By grumpy old fisherman , 29-07-2006

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ????? - is it all worth it ?????? everyone knows y'all mass down to baja and sayulita in the winter so chill out and catch the irie vibe ................negativity destroys !!!!!! the way im coming up SOON from No cali and i cant wait to surf with y'all so be cool and have the rolling tray handy ! You cant miss me im the guy on the 9' single fin pintail p.s. all of the B.C. surfers ive met were hella cool so whats up with the localism B.S. B.C.????

By Anonymous , 16-07-2006

word is bond - SUrfing originated from the aloha spirit. All of you should respect that and begin to see that surfing is not just about you and your need to get the 10 sec. tube ride of your life. Surfing is about community, massive floaters, Tom Curren, pig dogging in the tube, and having the time of your life. Grow up kids!
Aloha nui loa

By kook destructor , 18-06-2006

lesson #1 - how boring are you morons? did it ever occur to you that if you get hassled that maybe it is because you are an idiot? ignorance and stupidity is no excuse for being a kook in the water. paying your dues and a little humility goes a long way. if you are not one of the 20 too bad so sad.

By The Old Man In The Sea , 23-05-2006

Young Weasels - I love reading all these comments written by all the young direspectful WEASELS who were never taught about respect bt their Dad's. My Dad would've kicked my ASS if i had acted like half of the Snakes in the water today. It's great being old and surfing on a shortboard and still ripping, so remember if you snake the old guy he will warn you first and then KICK YOUR ASS!!!! Have fun you little selfish Dumd ASSES cause when ever you are out jibbering like women, people are saying to themselves SHUT THE F*%K UP!!!! If i'm out i will verbally tell you to (previous). People in the water don't want to hear what you did last night! Thanks.

By anonymous , 23-05-2006

your ALL kooks - I've been surfing this place for many years now to and I can honestly say that this place sucks. I've hit it when it worked and when it didnt. I've slept in my RV for a winter there waiting for surf and it was a year of my like I'll never get back. The hype behind the localism is also a joke. Waxing cars is pussy. Ohhhhh - ya waxed a window - your a hero. We all know what happened to D one day when he pulled that crap. How was water in the lungs D ? Noticed ya chilled out a bit after your near death experience ya agro chimp. A little word of advice, if you want to seriously surf then get the hell off this island. I did, I moved the North Shore of Oahu and now I surf every day. You will be happier for it, trust me. If ya dont then keep on makin that lame ass drive from town only to find nothing. (and you KNOW what Im talkin about when I say NOTHING) If you dont then you truely are a kook. Good luck to you.

By sooke troll , 17-05-2006

david your lame from a homegrown sooke troll - david you have no case. your lame saying west coast poeple suck. if i ever seen you near my coast with or with out board id play some hopital game with you.the first one there looses chump. you gotta have small nuts to sit there and bash people with writing.come play and we can show you how sooke does it. then you can go home and rewrite some shit that acually make sense. i know for a fact that when outsiders come to surf your not welcome. and david we can smell a kook across canada.

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