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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Jordan river

Canada, West Coast

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By lowermainland surfer , 20-03-2007

My 2 Cents - Wow. I'm from the mainland BC but try to get out and surf as much as I can. Maybe about once a month if I can. I usually frequent Westport WA so I don't have to pay for the ferry. But the times when I do go to Van Island, I've never had a problem with the lineups/locals there, nor have I had probs in Westport. I'm an average surfer but know well enough to wait my turn. If I do slip and paddle in on another dude's wave, I'm so quick to apologize. Reason, being from the Vancouver area, I'm not really a "local" at any surf spot, so I do my damndest to respect the locals wherever I go. These are the guys that keep the beaches clean, work at the shops, collect garbage etc etc to keep my favorite surf towns nice. So in my opinion a little respect for these guys goes a long way. I've always had positive experiences surfing in Oregon, Washington and The Island, even befriending some of the locals. Anyhow Cheers!

By Nor Cal Aloha , 14-03-2007

BC localism - BC and Washington localism basically stems from the '70's and the California surfers who moved up there and taught the local kids how to act. Kind of ironic really, the Canadian kids hate californians and yet act just like the worst of them, and the californians who travel up there get bummed at bad vibes and yet they started from Cali.

The bottom line for you BC surfers is if you want to be a local dickhead then have at it. Your water is freezing and the weather sucks. Oh, and your waves are good, just like a million other places. Not great very often, which you would know if you ever traveled. If you want to travel to surf sun and warm water, then mellow out like the rest of us have learned to do.

And if not, then it's all yours. Just go surf on a white sand beach with your girl in a sarong and a tan, and see that there is alot more to surfing than freezing water.

By Anonymous , 13-03-2007

You are a pathetic 30 year old - It's pathetic that someone who should be mature is still trying to flame about a surf spot on a web site. So once again, let me reiterate my previous post: "Grow up".

By Anonymous , 09-03-2007

i wish i was a grom again - unfortunately I am not a grom dufus. I am a 30 year old who is totally disenchanted with the miserable douchebags who inhabit this island. In case you want to differenciate yourself from me I will do it for you. I am literate and I guarantee you are not. I can have a conversation that goes beyond "yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh braaaa I just renoed my parents condo dude, it's sweet." Another difference is that you call yourself Canadian and you drink cans of coors light and probably think Jack Johnson is good music just because he surfs. So grow up to you too. In other words grow up into the best brain dead yokel you can be and make sure to never turn on a wave just go straight . In your words "Ya big Hoser". Try surfing somewhere else besides where you surf everyday ya goof.

By Anonymous , 06-03-2007

You're a grom - Grow up.

By whoever , 04-01-2007

true - It's very true about So-Cal. It's a couple of stones throws away and is always holding. I would rather be sitting in the sun eating a burrito and watching headhigh sets lining up on the horizon too. Luckily for people like us "many" people on Van Isle are so proud of the place that they know nothing of the outside world. They prefer to Rock up to a rainy cold surf spot boasting 3foot crossed up , blown out storm surge. The funniest is when they check each other out in the parking lot to see who's who. Hah. C'mon there are only 8 or so guys who can surf on this miserable island. I can't wait to get back to the good stuff and geat the hell out of here. Who cares if the door hits me on the ass on the way out. You guys can keep your folk music, churches, gutless surf and sad hangdog facial expressions. LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMEEE

By Anonymous , 30-12-2006

Grow up - First up, I don't even like kayaking... but who says surfers own the ocean? And BTW, there have been several occasions up here where kayakers have saved surfers after they were pulled out by the current. Lucky for them, the kayakers happened to be in the area. I think there's at least one article about this posted on So grow up, I'm tired of immature people representing surfing. You'd think it was the sport of burn-outs, drop-outs, and cry-babies the way most people talk their "tough talk" on here. We're not all a bunch of uneducated redneck hicks.

By Anonymous , 27-12-2006

Van. Is. is the dopest y'all - localism? for this? what a joke. just shows you kooks don't get off that island much. you can find waves just as good or better than JR and TR every day in So Cal. and i mean >>EVERY<< day. not just a handful of times during the winter. drive from orange county to the mexican border and you'll see >>miles<< of empty beaches with chest-high or bigger waves. each one a city-block long. none of this sloppy confused break-both-ways 10-second-ride crap you fight over. and guess what? there's this thing called the sun there. you don't have to wear a 5 mil suit and the rain doesn't piss on your head 24/7 365 days a year. so stay home and fight over the surfing mecha that is Van Is. me? i might be from here... for now, but i don't surf here. you can have my spot in the lineup. i go south where there's REAL surf.

By Anonymous , 13-11-2006

boy o boy - Just because you are on a tour of the island, perhaps visiting from abroad or the mainland or even local doesn't give you a green light to drag your kayaks out into the line up. Kayaks are best suited for areas that don't have a line up of surfers that are abiding by the rules of etiquette. Why do we keep seeing kayaks out in the line up???????? find and empty peak, lake river they are abundant instead of dropping in whenever you want and kooking out while you do it.

By Jer. , 24-10-2006

Hear hear kiwi - I know nothing about the localism situation in B.C., but I too have surfed all over the world. I'll never forget one perfect 6' day at Duranbah on the Gold Coast. Heavy talent in the water, plus about 200 other people as well. I'm what I would call an average surfer, but I waited my turn and was called into a wonderful left by one of the best locals there... Brendan Margeison.

It was great to know that REAL locals can be as stoked on a strangers wave as anyone. B.C. is next on the list for me as far as travel, and I'm sure that is respect is shown and earned, I will get the same stoke from the guys up there. Localism has it's place, and I would be a hypocrite if I said that I didn't believe that. Some waves are a privilege that has to be earned. Enough said.

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