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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Jordan river

Canada, West Coast

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By oska , 23-01-2004

.... - ahaha wooop woooop....ulitmate respect

By happy to be surfin' , 13-01-2004

oh so angry - Everybody seems to worry too much about everybody else. I think it's funny to paddle out and say hi to some dude, and he says nothing to you like he's in some billabong pro heat and he's gonna lose his concentration. What a second, aren't we living in Canada, the most mellow nation on earth (except australia). "Hey look it's the preperation H rep on the beach, maybe I can impress him with my bad-ass cutback, I am sooooooooo pro!" Get real this is the coldest, most in-consistent break on the planet, loosen up, if your already surfing here you gotta laugh at yourself as it is. Keep in mind we're all having a good time-but I'm sorry we aren't all pro like you the second we pick up our first surfboard. I'm gonna start bringing an autograph book to the beach, you never now who'll go pro hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Go to the states, you'll fit in with all the whiney selfish wanks down there.

By vancouver islander who speaks english only , 19-12-2003

doubt it - yeah I am from the area...its pathetic and ya hit the nail on the head with the french comment...typical of a new surfing region....I doubt you will get waves as it breaks on a big west swell and the summer is a time of south could still get some mushy garbage up at tofino or if the south swell is 15 foot plus try port renfrew or twin rivers in barclay sound...

By Queenslander! , 27-11-2003

You Gotta be kidding???? - Is this a conversation about localism in Canada!!!! Hey guys get out of the 80's. Localism is passe (you all speak french right?)Localism ended with tight boardies and Fluro wetsuits. Come surf the super bank on the gold coast (most crowded wave in the world)and guess what, hey you'll get waves. You will also get dropped in on. You know what you do next laugh paddle out and catch another wave. HAVE FUN. Thats what it is about. If 400 hundred of us arrogant Aussies can surf one break with only the odd "disagreement" then Im sure epic "JR" can handle a crew.
Now, I'm coming up for a good mates wedding in June. Will I get waves?

By friend reunion/surf trip , 26-11-2003

show us the ropes. - Hey "dudes" were comin on up around chrismas for a surfing trip, me and a huge load of guys to surf your wave for a couple months. hope you dont mind some thick san diego spirit. hope to see you out there on the good days, cus thats when all of us (about 30 of us) are gonna be crowdin onto er. hopfully we can meet some locals for the better or the worse. either way we'll have fun hogging the few waves that will roll in for the time of the trip, and if its flat most of the time, we'll find your local pub and cause a bit of trouble. look forward to seeing you Dec 27- Feb 1-10th.

By whitebait , 24-11-2003

huuh? - I was planning a trip to canada....Canada seems kinda heated in the swell. either way ill be in for a wave at JR locals or no locals.If any of you came to new zealand to indies or shipwrecks i'll give you a bit of R-E-S-P-E-C-T i'd like to think "locals" at JR are good enough to return the favour. often does this place break a year???

By anonymous , 18-11-2003

easy fellas - many of the so-called "dickhead locals" in canada are actually american ex-pats - so before you start saying that canadians suck, just be careful. believe me, i've run in to more than a few jerks from both countries. americans who are so quick to bash canadians jusy because we're canadian, should first take a look at themselves. and all canadians who are protective to the point of stupidity, beligerance and violence, on land or in the water, should spend more time worrying about working on their cutbacks. maybe then we could actually progress the level of surfing in this country.

By Gen. Marcus Wilthorn, Ret. , 03-11-2003

Don't Worry About Those Canadians... - They are just jealous they are taking the sidelines to big and central US of A!

By So Cal Rippa , 03-11-2003

Canada - I've been reading about all the dickhead locals in Canada.... I never would have thought with all the cool heads in Nor Cal, Oregon and Washington...that there would be a bunch of territorial dickheads. You might play hockey but I surf, skate and snowboard rip and shred.

So Cal

By anonymous , 12-10-2003

hmmmmm - I tried surfing at JR about 10 years ago when I was a skinny teen, I got insults and cut-in on. It was my first time and one of my last attempt at the sport. I think my emtional scars have healed and I'm going to try it again this week. Look out, I still don't know how to surf, but I know I'm going to have fun this time. See ya soon.

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