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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Jordan river

Canada, West Coast

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By , 20-06-2004

- Its an underwater point break kook, created from the river Jordan. Go back to your Roxy sticker collection and head up to Tofino for the big Kook Jam, you'll fit in there quite good. PS - Stay away from JR, the sharks are getting worse by the day !!!!!!

By surfgurl** , 16-06-2004

HAHAHAHAH!!! - are you guys high?????jordan River is the OCEAN! not a river you idiots..its just a name....are you from America..because if your not im really offended that your Canadian...river..HA!...great white HAHA...lame!

By , 04-06-2004

- Thats true, my board was destroyed yesterday at the point by a Great White. I always figured it was a safe spot but when the swell picks up so do those dam sharks. I wont be going into that feeding ground again thats for sure.

By anonymous , 04-06-2004

- Sharks, Lots of em. Rivermouth spews out fish so they feed right at the point. There were about 20 attacks last year alone so unless you like having limbs removed and boards lost avoid this place. Your best bet for surf would be to avoid all breaks on the south island due to the ever increasing population of Great Whites. No big deal really, its a little known secret that the surf is way better in Tofino anyways and the Tofino safety council has approved shark nets for installation this year. Ya, surfing the south island breaks is dangerous, be smart and play safe.

By , 27-05-2004

What is the water temp like here? - I'm thinking of coming to BC for a while.

By anonymous , 23-03-2004

No Locals - Ive been there lots, I have had no problems, nice spot wiht nice waves

By anonymous , 05-03-2004

Local wha? - Localism is a myth. Someone heard the word ten years ago and it caught on. British Columbians love a fad. Right now the fad is to pretend there is localism. If someone gives me attitude I drop in on them. again and again and again. Anyone who can surf even half decent is not going to stress about 15 guys in the line up and they sure as shit arent going to get 'local' on you. If someone is talking tuff and loud they probably suck and are trying to make up for some inadequecy real or imagined.

By Queen Elizabeth II , 03-02-2004

Canadians are nobbers - Dont know why you lot bother to surf, go and shoot some defenceless wildlife instead.

By anonymous , 28-01-2004

locals blah blah blah! - What, locals at JR? I've been there for ten years now, and no problems except for attitude and one altercation. But the little fuckers aren't that tough! Intimidation through numbers, but they just aren't very tough. Just sort out one of them and... no more problem!

By , 27-01-2004

Queenslander dood! - Ya mate many Canadians need to go see what crowds really are and be thankful there are only a dozen orso out at Jordan River!(Jordan R. is pretty much flat in summer)

As for swell in June i've found Cox Bay (facing west near Tofino)in summer to be the most consistent and on days averaging a foot bigger than Longbeach. Last summer in August the swell there hit 6 to 10 foot(faces) offshore and i was a half mile orso north teaching kids to surf in 1 to 3 foot swell at South Chestermans(facing southwest). So Check out the swell forecasts at either or

Wish you the best! Oh yea a 4/3 should do just fine in the summer(june-sept) pending on the weather (cozy ina 5/4


Jeremiah 31;35(NIV)

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