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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Jordan river

Canada, West Coast

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By cold cali , 12-10-2004

- Here we come.

By Hawaiian Kneeboarder , 07-10-2004

Wannabe 'locals' - Caught two days of 3-6 foot faces (1-3 HAWAIIAN LOCAL scale) last month and loved it. Nearly everyone we met there was cool and friendly, especially the guys who surf well. Had a great time in the most empty waves of my life, 6 waves per set and 6 guys in the water. I'd take the 2nd or 3rd deep at the peak and leave the rest for the pack. Lots to go around especially since they blow it more often than not.

After 3 hours a couple of 'locals' sitting inside who couldn't take off or stand up worth a damn started whining about how I can't have any more waves. They probably figured I'd get scared and leave. I told them off and suggested they join me at the peak if they want the best waves instead of trying to drop-in. I'm sure they we suffering from being served by someone much better than them, and a kneeboarder at that.

Take a hint guys -- respect is something you earn through learning to surf in a crowd of 50 folks who rip, paying your dues, and watching and learning from those better than you. Befriend us and we'll be glad to share what we know, regardless where we may be from. I doubt any of these pea-brains will travel abroad for waves, nevertheless take my advice. If you bring that redneck attitude to Hawaii we'll 'adjust' it for free.

By anonymous , 03-10-2004

- jordan river surf school? sounds like fun
i can understand people being pricks. it is a very hard place to find, a good ten metres from the road. Get a life you grumpy bitches. It will be fun to watch as it gets more crowded and you have to try to be dicks to everyone. with some snowboarder as your fearless leader. you should chill and have more fun.

By anonymous , 28-09-2004

- Just be polite, friendly and play by the rules(don't do stupid and dangerous things). I think you should go with you buddies because the big mouths usually have nothing to say when you are in a group. 99% of the time you will not meet any asses. Most people are nice and they are novices as well.

By anonymous , 28-09-2004

- Jordan River(Sewers, Point, River Mouth, and Rocky-bits to the north) China Beach, and Sombrio are all great places to learn.And of course you have Tofino. You can also do hike-ins at a lot of secret spots between Jordan and Renfrew. The other spots you will have to find on your own. Good luck

By anonymous , 24-09-2004

Jordan River - Ok, so im a grade 12 student in victoria who surfed tofino all summer , and although not being very good has fallen in love with the sport. I have never surfed JR and was wondering if i am gonna get slashed if i try and surf there just cause im very good?... and anyways whats with all this localism shit?!?! come on guys were canadian lets be friendly eh!

By anonymous , 23-09-2004

Welcome All - Please come up and bring as many guys with you as you can. I would rather surf with a bunch of friendly guests then some of those grumps we have up here. Better yet do you think you can bring a bus load of 'born-again' Mormons of something like that. I am simply trying to think of ways that will cause the biggest and most interesting conflicts both in and out of the water. The sooner these fucking locals are made to be so frustrated they don't show there faces anymore and only surf thier so-called secret spots the better. Also please see site for other surf spots near JR. Fuck you locals and welcome to everyone with a friendly attitude

By anonymous , 07-09-2004

- sure thang troller - try it this winter and talk that shit - see what happens to ya.

By Loc smasher , 05-09-2004

Real Locals. In Canada? - Don't pay any attention to all this tough talk. Canadians are all real friendly, the idea of localism might exist but it is all relative. In Canada if a local doesn't smile at you that is considered intense localism. Chances are though he probably didn't even see you. If you are American you will have no problems at these spots. You will probably get all sorts of questions about surf culture and being an American. Canadians just love any chance they can get to soak up our culture and try to assimulate into our surfing lifestyle. That is what this whole localism thing is about. They have watched too many of our movies. Just like Gidget, once the surf comes up everyone quits dancing and talking smack on the beach and the real men go surfing. Just throw around a couple of "A's", then it is all smiles. Besides, these guys on here aren't real locals anyways, the real people who live in the area don't have computers and doubtful they could even read so don't worry. Go have fun, it is way worth the trip up from Portland and Seattle if you want to get away for a few days. Heck. I think I am gonna start running tours up there in a school bus from Portland so keep your eyes out for me.

By steve gillespie , 01-09-2004

love it! - i've never read a message board before but i must say it's quite hilarious. keep up the good work. watch out for the dangerous 13ft shark"jordan" and if you can, stay in the area. it leaves the real good breaks untouched!

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