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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Jordan river

Canada, West Coast

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By pela2mdqarg , 13-02-2011

- I.M.P.R.E.S.I.O.N.A.N.T.E----------------MUY BUENO Y BUENAS FOTOS

By joobs , 06-07-2010

really - really nice spot!

By Anonymous , 23-04-2010

missing the point of surfing - so many of you people are mssing the true essence of surfing. the ocean, the waves, the sunrises are for everyone...

By Anonymous , 06-12-2008

Locals need YOU! - Hi! I'm from... doesn't matter. My home break is... irrelavant. If you're responsible for cleaning shit out of your backyard, great - it's YOUR backyard. I didn't leave it there and I do the same in MY backyard. Doesn't give you exclusive rights and it doesn't make it okay to smash bus windows and whine about your crowd inundated situation. Here's a plan;
1) alienate yourselves from everybody else by being a bunch of immature and nearsighted losers
2) take on one of the biggest B.C. gov't. sponsored forestry companies trying to screw you royally with all their greedy firepower
3) sit back (all alonesome like) and watch the condos sprout and your pathetic scene evaporate in an instant
If you think we're all pulling for you to keep the place together, good luck. If you want to actually keep the place for what it is - spectacular - ask for help from everyone you can... as in all those people you've been trying to piss off for years. That's your last hope. Long live J.R.

By Big Prokamzi , 07-09-2008

Hey Mr.Anonymous 'finally' Dude, did really need a scientists to prove Sasquatch exists? - I mean c'mon u dummy local boy, you're making the good local Canadians look bad by announcing your self-retardation while laughing as if to poke fun of those who DO believe. Doesn't matter anyway, we ALL know that smelly Yeti beast is your dumb uncle, Uncle Sassy taught his little dumb nephew how to spell too; right?

By Jer , 05-02-2008

Chillin - i surf here and around the area all the time, most people are cool or indifferent, theres only like 2 or 3 guys who are real pricks, other guys just try to subtly paddle into a better position than you, if you know what youre doing youll have a blast. if youre learning or if you suck then stick to the break right out in front of shakies. and eat food from shakies and buy coffee or a sandwich from chula while yer at it eh?

By Anonymous , 26-08-2007

full of yourself - oh my god talk about someone who has an ego... isn't that the pot calling the kettle black but i'm sure thats have the reason you post.. to bait others into responding well i am refusing to bit your big ugly lure... just shut up and surf already

By Anonymous , 30-05-2007

finally - Scientists and researchers of the paranormal will be overjoyed because photo number three is Proof that Saskwatch exists. There he is on a pretty decent wave. Far out. Who would of thought? Even Mythical creatures are paddeling out into the line-up nowadays. He must have seen Blue Crush or Point Break a couple of times. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

By Anonymous , 30-05-2007

yes - Van Isle is a great place to surf. I will tell ya why. since surfing is relatively young here they are still stuck in the paleolithic age of surfing. Basically most underdeveloped countries are further ahead than Canada surfing wise (technically and mentally). If you can surf well then you own this place. Yes there are some good surfers but they are the minority (5%) and they are usually easy to spot because they don't have huge egos.
The rest of the "surfers" on this island are more preoccupied with people noticing that they surf. It's all about the scene. It's about wearing shades and smoking cigarettes in your wetsuit. It's about talking about surfing and staring at other people when they show up to go surfing. Essentially Van Isle is like France was 25 years ago. The place has insane potential but no one is tapping it properly. The scene and saying you surf because your buddy surfs is more important. It's like the old man Billionaire. He has gold but he doesn't know how to use it. He has a fast car but he is so old that he is scared to drive it fast. Great waves and a beautiful place full of lame brains who are trying to be cool instead of being themselves. On the opposite end you have the East Coast, non- stop crappy waves except for in fall and winter. The difference is the waves are usually shit but the surfers are so hungry and motivated that they can out surf anyone in 2 feet or 12 feet.LOook at the qualifyers for the WCT in the states, all east coasters and one or two West Coasters. They don't bullshit, they don't need to talk about surfing or buy the latest hat or sweater. Their surfing does the talking. On Van Isle you get the permanent weekend warrior, the guy who walks around with his chest puffed out and swears he surfs crazy dry reef barrels and then you see him on a messed up yellow longboard flailing for his life in 2 foot surf. Most of them think of surfing like camping, "you go once every two weeks and it's so sweeeeet duuuuude". There aren't many dedicated rippers. The truth their credit cards and cellphones see more action than their boards or their girlfriends.
Islanders can't downsize their egos for a second. These are the guys that go travelling and act like kingdick when surfing in other countries. This is why North American surfers are seen as dickheads by many other cultures. They don't learn, appreciate and give, they just take. A bunch of self involved babies really. I'ts a shame.

By Yourself , 19-05-2007

You're Probably Sleeping - WOW. Surfers sound dumber than an barrel of monkeys.

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