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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 West Coast


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By anonymous , 26-11-2005

- surfs up

By Vanilla Bryce , 18-11-2005

what are you guys talking about. - I have only ever surfed in canada. The east coast and the west coast, so I really have nothing to compare my experiences to. But seeing all of you guys talking about how the locs in tofino are soo bad, has really made me think. Now I cannot remember any time in my four straight months of surfing (every day) at most of the spots, have never met anyone that showed anger towards me, snaked a wave from me, dropped in on me, trash talked, or showed any negative attitude what so ever towards me. So I'm trying to figure out, if for four months I only met the nice locs, and missed all of the bad ones?? is that what happened? have i been completely oblivious to what is going on around me? I don't think so.

By , 07-09-2005

Surfs UP September - Check it Out, overhead swell is going to reach your neighbourhood this weekend. Looks like you'll have a visitor. That's right, Longboard Lucas is coming to town to snag a bunch of tasty waves. Better not grunt, when I drop in deeper than you and pull a legendary 25 gallon snap off the lip followed by a beautifully timed stall and cover-up. Don't worry though, I love to share. I don't give stink-eye, and try to be friendly to all. Occasionally you see someone who needs an attitude adjustment, but they're not worth even thinking about. CHARGE!

By Jeremy , 12-07-2005

Learn to spell - Looks like some of you people should put away your boards and go back to school.

By what's your problem? , 24-06-2005

Canada - BC is a beautiful area - too bad most of the Canadians I've met are total pricks.

By kooky , 15-04-2005

Mountains, mountains, everywhere! - well if you're coming all the way here (from ???) you might as well check out Whistler/Blackcomb... it's only the #1 ski resort in the world. (about 1-1/2 hours north of Vancouver look it up on google). the island (1 hour ferry ride from Vancouver) has mountains too... actually, all we got around here are mountains! so many mountains :-/ hey, anyone wanna trade some of these f'n mountains for some more pacific coastline? i'd much rather catch waves than be on a mountain anyday!!!

By anonymous , 12-04-2005

- Howzit.... Im looking at spedning New Years in Canada and doing some boarding... is tere any mountains near the ocean?? Exuse my ignorance

By Dennis Frewin , 31-01-2005

Life is too short - A message to all the "kook-calling",car waxing, message board tough guys. The world is getting big, and more people are getting into outdoor recreation,this province is relying on it. You can't stop it, so I guess you decided to become frustrated and angry because you want a spot to yourself(greed). Everytime you drive into the parking lot to go surf thats what you are bringing into the water and your soul. Hey, i wish i could go out to the spots and have no one there, i wish i did'nt have to pay taxes,Shit i wish i could live out there but thats not reality. Sounds to me like your getting farther and farther from what its all about anyway. Life is short and one day you and i will be gone, stop being angry.
P.S If your gonna wax my car bring some toilet paper and you can really have some fun,and i,ll give you my address so you can knock on my door and run.

By Tyler , 25-01-2005

Tyler knows - It's pretty shitty out here, its usually windy and raining, so if there is a chance of a swell it gets blown out. I mean i've been around the world, and these waves by far are the worst i've far. I know that's a bold statment...but Canada produces some sub par mushballs that would make any Real surfer want to vomit at the thought of having to go through the torture of surfing such shitty waves.
I mean why defend it, the waves suck, if you can't accept that then you are obviously stuck here.


By Pete from Wales , 10-01-2005

Bar Ram You - Bar Ram You, Bar Ram You, To the locals, to the crew, Bar Ram You!

Can anybody help me? My problem follows and if anyone can help me decide I'd greatly appreciate it. So;

I'm about to move to Vancouver Island.
My Kanuk girlfriend, (I was lucky enough to meet,by the way) has got her self a place at Victoria University and we'll be leaving the shores of Japan and heading to pastures afar (near you probably)
Now, question is where do I live? See I want to live as close to the Better surf spots of the island as possible so what I need to know is this. How long does it take to get from Tofino to Parksville? Also How long from Parksville to Victoria.And how far from Victoria to Tofino in a car?
I hope someone reads this from over there although I was just thinking; If your over there why would you be on this website? Get a life!
Only joking, anyway, Bar ram you, please help.
P from Wales ( Sheep Rule) 21st December 2012

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