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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 West Coast


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By anonymous , 08-04-2007

agro locals - Nobody likes a kook, but do you have to act like a prick when people you dont know show up at "your" spot? Surfing is meant to be purely recreational and if you feel the need to be a dickhead, go do something else, you dont own the wave.

Nobody likes crowds either, but if your lucky enough to live near the break then be thankful you get to surf it whenever you can, the rest of us have to put in hours driving to get to a decent spot.

I love the sport and will continue surfing whether or not the agro issue gets resolved, (which i doubt will happen), but hopefully people will start to remember what surfing is all about, fun, dont ruin it.

By Eric , 14-01-2007

lame - To the last post; quit being so negative. The whole point of surfing is to have fun and it's an INDIVIDUAL sport; so, if the guy wants to learn the hard way, let him. Your sarcastic comment is so self righteous. You know, Tofino is cool and everything , but the people are removed from the rest of the world and a lot of the local surfers i talked to had a bit of an arrogant air to them. Ok, so you surf Tofino, big deal. I've surfed all over the world and i don't need to brag about how great i am. Get a life, loser.

By do do do-be do , 22-12-2006

maybe spend your money on lessons instead - uh.. huh... you're riding a soft-top... falling down... and getting hit in the face... and with all of this "progress", you feel that it's time to move on to a "shorter pointer board" a.k.a. a higher performance board after... a week. wow... the coast guard's going to keep busy with you!

By Anonymous , 07-12-2006

- super rad...I surfed here last week. I bought one of those blue coloured boards when I was up there...seems like those are the popular ones or whatever. I was able to ride gnarly for sure. The really cool thing about them is that they're kinda soft on the top where you stand so it didn't hurt at all when I fell onto it or when one of the bigger waves smashed it into my head (lol,so funny, should've seen my face, just like duh). Anyways I heard that the shorter pointer boards are better and want to upgrade...Does anyone have any recommendations as to what I should buy? I'm like around 6 feet tall and weight around 170 lbs. Please keep in mind I'm kinda like an intermediate surfer guy now.

Thanks bros!

By Ian , 04-10-2006

warm suits - Your gonna need a 5/3 hooded suit in November with 3mm gloves and booties. You can rent all that stuff in town. Enjoy yourself.

By yellows , 11-09-2006

please advice us - Hello dudes.
We are planning a trip on Nov that we want to go freezing area.
So we want to know what kind of equipment we need to surf here (what kinda wetsuits we need etcc..).Then if someone had surfed in such freezing water, please give us some ideas how you can keep comfortable to surf in such area.What do you take with you as your equipment and idea to get warm after surf?
We need your help to make the trip great .
Please advice us.

By Japes , 26-05-2006

Why all the hate? - I can't believe all the comments I've just read regarding spots and the whole area. I've been living in Mexico and surfing for the past year and I (like many of Canadians) learned to surf at Long Beach. I agree that the waves in summer aren't that great but the whole experience of going to Tofino was incredible. As for the locals vibe, please: first we're Canadians, and second this is Vancouver Island, CHILL OUT. I thought it would never come to this in Canada, recuerda a los vecinas del sur.

To all the people calling Canadians stupid out there, I don't understand you either. Perhaps you met the wrong people on your travels. Jus cuz we'all don't talk funny and think weez da best, ain't meanin weez dum.

By anonymous , 03-04-2006

~~~When da east is in da house "OH MY GOD, DANGER"~~~ - Yall n!&&@$ over there, yall n!&&@$ aint $#!t
Yall #oe$ over here, yall #oe$ aint $#!t
EAST runs dis! YEAH!
EAST runs dis! YEAH!
EAST runs dis! YEAH!
EAST runs dis! YEAH!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~OH KAAEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

By cowabunga dude! , 17-01-2006

dear kooky - come east son, come east! we've got all the virgin coastline you could ever want! just beware of a few lunatics!

By anonymous , 09-12-2005

I'm sad - I love how people on the island love to talk about how great their waves are, have to prove it by puting 100's of photos on the net, hype up all thier little "surf contest", and due thier surfer mag interviews. And them bitch about it beeing too crowded. Good plan, let me know how it works out.

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