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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 West Coast


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By RIPCURL , 10-03-2010

WINDSWELL - for anyone coming to the westcoast to surf, beware that about 8 of the surf spots listed are windswells and are very inconsistant and do not plan on surfing them they need realy strong winds.

By Anonymous , 23-02-2008

south surf trip - Anyone driving down south anytime soon, or want to? Prime surf on the pacific side of Mexico sooooon!

By Anonymous , 15-02-2008

Lost - Exact location.
Can anybody out there clarify for me if what they mean here by surf spot Tofino is simply North or South Chesterman. Or, is there another location north of Chesterman? Thanx

By Anonymous , 30-10-2007

Spots around Victoria - I'm originally from Halifax but I have been living in Japan for the past year. I am thinking about relocating to Victoria and wanted to know if there are many consistent year round breaks in the area and how long it takes to get to them from the city. Anyway info would be much appreciated.

By Scottie , 23-10-2007 shortboard - hey everyone,
I live on Vancouver Island, I'm trying to make the transition from my 8ft highfly to a shorter board and I need some advice on what kind of board I should be looking for. I'm 5'10 170lbs, I'd appreciate any advice. Cheers

By Anonymous , 20-08-2007

"Kooks" in the water !! - I would just like to touch base on a few comments made earlier about locals being agro out here in Tofino. I understand that everyone goes through a learning stage when surfing and the only way to learn is to get out there. But the problem we have with new surfers in the water is not that you take our waves, it's that you often pose as a hazard in the water to us and yourselves. You have not learned how to control your board yet, and most of the time have no idea about surf etiquette ie: know who has the right of way on a wave to avoid a collision and even how to paddle out into a line up and these are very important things to understand. In short its best to take a lesson and once you have learned the basics stick to area that does not exced your limits and make sure you can control your board so you dont run someone or someones board over !!!! If your unsure how things work ask someone who does but please dont be arrogant and get mad at the locals for your mistakes. Oh and the term "Kook" is so lame man ! used way to much.

By Anonymous , 16-06-2007

Summer - In the summer you can get away with just a 5mm suit (if it's a really hot day maybe even a 3mm). Boots are recommended. Almost no one uses gloves, but I like them. Hoods aren't necessary either; more people surf without them than with them. I have a hood built into my xcel infiniti suit. I use it because the visor keeps the water out of my eyes (I wear contacts). Hope that helps. BTW, there are lots of places to surf outside of Tofino. Washington has comparable waves, and a day trip down to the Oregon coast is a sure bet.

By , 02-06-2007

aussie on the way - looking forward to surfing canada, meeting canadian surfers and swapping travel tales and info on each others country. travelling with my wife and 3 kids. will go to tofino looking for waves in september. does "full suit" mean booties gloves and hood? are there any aussie surfers around this area? also looking for surf stay accomodation. any info would be great....paul

By J , 16-05-2007

surfing Bamfield - hey, was just hoping to get some beta on the Bamfield area....wanting to head out there in the next few weeks, heard there si good surf, but I have never ben out there.

Any advice would be great.


By Scot , 03-05-2007

I'm a total kook - Hey guys,

I just moved to Vancouver Island, living in Victoria. I moved here because I want to get into surfing and still ive in Canada. I've been a couple times before and I can't get it out of my head. Just wondering if anyone knows of a good spot that I can go without getting in anybody's way. Day trip from Vic would be preferred. Thanks in advance for the help.

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