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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Sable island

Canada, East Coast

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By andrea , 17-12-2009

andrea da castelmauro italia - it is a very biutiful island!!

By Robert Sprague , 26-07-2009

Sailing to Sable - I am planning a trip to Sable Island on my way to the Carribean. Has anyone out there actually landed on the island?

By Stic , 19-07-2008

I Surfed it - My name is Stic. I surfed Sable in 2003. Anyone that says I didnt can blow me.

By Anonymous , 03-07-2008

- I surfed that 99 foot wave. For serious. Should have taken a picture, I would have won the XXL!

By Anonymous , 31-07-2007

Sable Island - Please post photos, esp.any great white/seal/ big surf action don't worry, the world will certainly not crowd this place.

By fudge , 25-07-2007

packing fruits - you guys are all fudge packing fruits!

By Anonymous , 10-06-2007

- I've surfed it, in a supply boat! Nasty spot at the best of times.

By Anonymous , 25-04-2007

- Seriously this place gets HUGE ! Just never heard of anyone who actually surfed it. Seals line most of the shoreline meaning there are MANY White sharks in that area ! I flew over it a few years ago pretty close and the waves are un focking real ! Problem is

You cannot get there by boat unless you are a WORLD CLASS skipper becasue its surrounded by a shallow reef with 10 - 15 foot waves all around the Island which causes all the shipwrecks they had there. Whoever said it was Sandy has really no clue.

I am surprised Laird Hamilton hasn't been here yet - It would take his amount of balls to go out there.

otherwise - IF you got a Helicopter to take from ST John you have world class 10 - to as big as 25 foot surf at least untill you get eaten !

By Anonymous , 17-04-2007

Waves are great - NOONE surfs it ! - There is indeed nice waves on this Island - maybe bigger than any place on the entire east coast. Theres no way to surf them however without killing yourself !

Right next to contential shelf you will be surfing with every single type of Shark out there - not to mention the fact if you wreck your dead ! Even if you don't wreck your likley dead !

This is a great surf spot for superman !

By a commercial fisherman from York Beach,ME , 08-04-2007

Wild things - AS for the horses,they are in fact there.I doubt very much you can just "hop on" one.Given it's position in the Atlantic,certainly the surf potential exists,but not worth the bureaucratic hurdles mentioned.Hundreds of mariners over the years have found safe haven at Sable after wrecking

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