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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Canada, East Coast

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By anonymous , 04-03-2003

It Ain't That Bad - First of all this message board right here is about Lawrencetown. And I can guarantee that you will find absolutley no localism at Lawrencetown. The place is full of beginers and people that can hold their own, from the point all the way up and down the beach and things are very mellow here. As for spots further East along the coast, yea you might run into some localism, but nothing crazy. I can see why locals are pissed off though, there are way too many people here who just do not respect the rules of surfing. I have no problems surfing with beginners or people trying to learn, just as long as they know not to drop in, not to hang out in the take off zone or in the impact zone. I believe if you can find the spot, you should be allowed to surf it, make sure you show respect though and expect not to get your fair share of waves at first. Crowds make us all better surfers, but I think we can all get along. Its a very big coast. Go explore and you'll will get waves all to yourself.

By Jath , 04-03-2003

Localism??whats up - Come on guys whats all this about these awful crazy locals??? I mean i've heard a few stories that involved locals from hurricanes and the fact that they allegedly have diving knives in thier booties, but my question is if they are soo uptight about sharing thier beache and waves why do they promote the sport and get more and more groms into it by selling surf stuff?? why doesnt everyone just chill out? Fuck it's not the North Shore of Hawaii is it???

By J. D. AND DA BOYZ IN THE FORTH , 25-02-2003

to all you computer geeks - first of all to the wank who put this site up/ get a life, if you love surfing, go surf . your site is just another reason why so many kooks are in the way these days. this year is gonna be different me and the lads have been talking .just stay out of the way , hold onto your fuckin boards and we ll let you drive past the macdonald house

By rasta mon , 05-02-2003

east coast irie livin - Nuff respect to dem winter surfers wit dem shrivelled dillz. Dat be wicked seen? Winter surf be da bomb shoone but me natty dreads freeze up and me cally weed no smoke no more....fe real now! When dem bumbaclots no respect de wave, no respect is given seen? Big tings a gwan 2003, where tings be irie..jah love!

By Killaz , 02-02-2003

Reef brakes - Hey I posted this sit a while a go. Its cool so see you guys are talented at pissing each other off. Now Im wondering wethere there are good reef breaks or off-shores?
You can see a spot between LT and Cow Bay. It looks like its always going off. Has any-one ever surfed it? How about sand bars?

By Roman , 31-01-2003

my 2 cents.. - This is my second winter surfing here, and i'd have to say that the waves do suck ass 99% of the time, and I fall on my ass 50% of the time. Everybody needs their fix though, and i've gone out when its waist high and freezing just like everybody else. I dont see why everybody is bitching about localism, sure Lance, Marty, JD and the boys are gonna go out and catch most of the waves, they've surfed here since they were in highschool, in my opinon thats worth something. They get along fine with everybody that knows what surfing should and is about. At least lance had the nuts to use his real name and not hide behind an anonymous label. I've had my differences with him, but thats in the past, fuck it. For everybody bitching about the ocean being free, hell ya it is, but when you paddle out its not like any other sport, theres no ref, no rules, so ya gotta live by the way things are. I spent most of my frist winter in the water watching the boys surf and keeping outta the way, catch a couple waves and paddle in happy as hell. If everybody out there was the same way there would be no problems. To anybody who is starting up, good luck, its cold as fuck, but just hold your board and enjoy watching other people surf and you'll get lots of waves in the end. who cares about summer, the beach break and point are a zoo, half the fun is paddling your nuts off to get around somebody you know is gonna go tits up on the drop, just to have the wave close out like it always does. The good 2-3 days in summer weed out the beginers, and boys who like to walk around with beach looking rad, so every other day is a free for all, live with it. Anybody remember the two amazing offshore beach break days this summer? theres a couple pics on the hurricanes site. Anyways thats about it, surfing with the people who live here is great, especially the old guys, who cares if the ones who are gettin gray behind the ears ride longboards, they've been doin it forever, i have no problems with anybody.. But theres always the people that bitch at them and other people for not making waves and such.. (buddy with nev, that neco, kir and I were chirpin at the moose, this means you).. gear down big rig, its not like your mad backside skills are gonna get worse if you let a few go by.. PS .. to everybody under 30 who ditched the longboards this year for shortboards, welcome to the club. why ride a longboard now when we'll all be on them by the time were 40 anyways?? PSS. If you're gonna reply to this and be a bitch, say it to my face, or use your name.. nothings worse than people with no seeds.

By , 27-01-2003

hero - i just have to say that neal durling is my hero

By Fuck localism!!! Its one big ocean!!! , 23-01-2003

Anal attack wave sqadron - Surfing is for people who have a pasion for it not for pansy possys. Lance cant evem make a profit at a surfshop that sells boards for $800. Then he thinks he can own the water becouse he has a surfshop. Hey tuby pay down your debts and stop being an ass in the water. Make some slim-fast comercials if you need money

By , 13-12-2002

relax - this is not what surfing is supposed to be about. least of all in nova scotia. a few of you should be ashamed of yourselves.

By you know , 03-12-2002

dear, littleredhead - sounds like you had an exellent time, but next time you go out you should phone me! I can deffinatly get you a better wettie, and I also have a really big stick which is so much easier for achieving that wonderful fealing at the end of a long ride. Did you reach that with your old teacher?(he probably taught you all the wrong positions) I am a certified instructer with much experiance and can lay you right.
p.s. please send picture, if satisfactory i can take you out tomorow, if not it will be two weeks tuesday
p.p.s. Nacho better with cheese.

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