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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Canada, East Coast

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By , 04-04-2003

Surfing Buddy? - Hey ya'll! I'm not new to the area but am I to the sport. I surfed a few times last year in Lawrencetown, P.E.I. and California. I'm tired of renting equipement and want to buy some, need a little help... I also hate going out on my own, my girlfriend is not into the sport so if anyone would be interested in going out, email me! I'm willing to go out anytime of the day or year so don't hesitate to drop me a line. I'm 20 and work for the Military Police in Halifax.

By rome , 03-04-2003

TO Mic Seedless - ahah hell ya i pump the whitewater at larrytown. riding a long board in closeout beachbreak? shit, i'd rather pump the white water then stand there looking like a danglin monkey. riding a longboard the way it should is smooth, riding a long board because your fat ass cant get into waves by any other means... is a disgrace... get off the Wendys power protein plan, and may god have mercy on your soul.

By Dim , 02-04-2003

Jeff Cunningham lays huge pipe! - Jeff and I went to a Grateful Dead cover band and were groovin and dancning like soap-dodgers! He told me he lays huuuuge pipe like all the time, man. Aggro.

By , 02-04-2003

wow!!! - So I get this email telling me about this site about NS surf I havent lived in NS for over a year and a half, I learned how to surf in NS even a few years before the so called dal / ontario revalution, anyways I hope this site is a joke because if the same guys that were surfin a few years are still going which from this site are, you guys have to give it up there is lots of waves in NS any body who has surfed there and explored can find something somewhere instead of flexing at the beach, instead of being a big fish in a small pond then try going somewhere better and s ee what the fuck it feels like to be a small fish in a big, I move to NZ and every second can barrel ride like a mutha fucka and kick ass. so if your going to flex then try going somewhere. Hard and fast rule , if you know the break you are surfing and can catch a wave then you will ALWAYS get waves. It is funny to that the same dicks are still being dicks but remeber there is alot good guys out there as well. Its was always funny to see the guys that really fucking rip , justin and dude that used to hang out with chuck (always stoked and always droppin in but has probably returned from NZ blowin the shit out of everything), are always the nicest guys. Anyhow it will be intersting to return to NS one day and stillb cop the same shit from the same lame asses but I know that I look over and see my mates knokin the top off of evrything anmd smile and remember what surfing is about.

By lucylove , 02-04-2003

Get on with it. - Boys. Maybe if you spend less time bitchin and groanin and more time surfing than the sights at L-town would be a bit more exciting. Share some news, some tips, some interesting sites, not how your thumbs smell when you pull them from each others asses. As a girl who wants to surf, visiting Lawrencetown was a waste of time. I can find better surf pretty well everywhere else. However if I do want to spend my time watching boys who spend more time standing on the beach fighting about the state of the waves...well then I know where to go...

By coNfUSed , 31-03-2003

N.S.U.? - What's crew N.S.U.?

By Do it for Karl. , 29-03-2003

No one in this forum can spell or write a sentence that makes any sense. - No one in this forum can spell. Not even words they learned in second grade. And most of the sentences don't make any sense. Is this a forum for mentally handicapped people? Do they let you guys go in the water by yourselves? Do you all go out to the beach together on a little bus and wear water wings and clap your hands really hard and splash around?

By snappydude , 29-03-2003

I'll second that - Amen to that brother. Ride what you wanna ride, longboards, shrtboards, or fat chicks. It's all good in the hood. There's something to be said for having the right tools for the job, though. Especially at a punk-ass wave like the point that's got no juice, a litle extra foam don't hurt. ps someone tell Lance that he charges too much for hotdogs at the pavilion.

By jason , 29-03-2003

I'll tell you what to ride. - Here's your answer to the longboard question: Ride whatever the fuck you feel like. In quality surf I normally ride a shortboard but my longboard isn't just for shit waves. It just depends, somedays the speed and glide of a longboard makes for a really fun session. Why have a problem with a guy just because he rides a longboard? It's different if a longboarder paddles out the back and goes for every set wave he can, but that's rarely the case. Truth be told, if you go to the point you'll normally see a pile of shortboards out in front, where the waves peak up a little bigger but have no shoulder (except on the left). Meanwhile the longboarders usually sit inside the point where smaller waves usually peel along with a bit nicer shape.

Anyway, it's the same thing with any kind of hybrid or funboard, and no one seems to have a problem with those. A funboard catches waves easier, you can sit a little deeper and it'll get up and plane quicker. They aren't necessary in clean waves that have some decent power, but in weak, mushy surf, or in choppy conditions, that extra foam under your feet is just going to improve the quality of your session and let you do a little more with the wave.

Bottom line: it's a bunch off bullshit to tell anyone what to ride (unless of course they're on a boogie board or in a fucking kayak). Who gives a shit if a longboard catches waves easier? So do shortboards with a little extra tail rocker or a widepoint further forward. This isn't the shit that matters. Around here the number of waves you get is directly proportionate to the amount of skill and knowledge you have in the water, NOT THE SIZE OF THE THING BETWEEN YOUR LEGS. hahahahahahahahaha. I meant the board you fucking sick-o perverts. (Anyone who thought of cock when they read that last line must have already been thinking about cock and is therefore a cock-lover).

By m.j.c. , 24-03-2003

hey roman - You surf to catch lots of waves. Nova Scotia surf is generaly small, so ride a longboard, they are not just for the older guys. Your probably still pumping the white water at laurenctown though, youll get it right someday.

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