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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Canada, East Coast

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By ithrowbuckets. , 13-05-2003

Picture - Who posted the pic of the point on this site. Nice clean lines. Makes me horny for the fall.

By anonymous , 13-05-2003

to grommit & co - What the fuk are you banging on about? Just shut the fuk up and surf!This is a surf site not a 'my hommie got shot', bullshit!!

By Sean , 13-05-2003

What???? - I don't care about who is who, and what is what. Maybe it would be smart for people to stop mentioning spot names on this site???? It's in everyones best interest.

By , 08-05-2003

WTF???? - Jesus, I was one of the first to post on this site and never checked it since. Man, has things ever gone to hell here. Been windsurfing for 7 years now and just bought a surfboard last season. Should have went with a longboard from the start but my 7' fish does the trick i guess. Just slows the learning process. The best place to learn I would say is Martinique beach. It is NS's longest beach so there is lots of room for all; with little rocks. Waves tend to be a little messier than Lt's but way less attitude on it. Yes I have experienced it myself!!! Had some great sessions out at Martinique last fall. What is this about a DAL crew. I am from NS and I have been going to Dal for two years now and wasn't aware of this. They don't seem to have a good rep anyway! I usually head out alone or with a few friends. Anyway's what I wanted to ask is if anyone would acually wish share some tips, spots or even a ride if you are coming throught the Truro area. After all that is what this forum was intended for!! Not this jock shit. Cheers!!!!!!!!!! :-)

By rad man , 05-05-2003

fuk it - fuck the kooks and fuck ontario boys u piss everyone off! keep the rhymes cumin boyz

By anonymous , 05-05-2003

no title - largest sharks caught off nova scotia

Largest Basking Shark, Cetorhinus maximus
45 feet. Weight estimated at 32,000 pounds

Largest Tiger Shark, Galeocerdo cuvieri
20 feet, 10 inches, 2070 pounds

Largest Hammerhead Shark, Sphyrna mokarran
18 feet, 4 inches, 1,860 pounds

Largest Thresher Shark, Alopias vulpinus
18 feet, 1,100 pounds

Largest Six-gill Shark, Hexanchus griseus
15 feet, 1,300 pounds

By anonymous , 05-05-2003

no title - I think people should let their surfing do the talking.

By Ronald Cummings , 02-05-2003

Cut the Crap! - Cut the shit talk and Freestyling and just surf.
I live out on the coast and Ive yet to see a Gangstar. Stick to your movies and mags and leave the waves to us who live to surf.

By Gromit , 02-05-2003

THis Place is Crowded - Damn boys this place is getting hot! So how the fuck am I supposed to make a wave? The boys in Cow Bay looking at a brother through a microscope, in Halifax everybody and their mama carrys a board, and they are trying to stop it, so what the fuck can I do to surf a spot kid? Catch a flight to the island, and it's cool, cuz nobody knew us. We stepped off the plane, 4 sponsered surfers, proffesional wave riders, rented a car at wholesale, drove to the coast and checked in a motel. We packed with a .380, cuz where we staying the locals look shady, but they can't fade Eastern Passage, cuz busting a cap is fundamental, peeping out every break close, seeing which one breaks the most, yea this is the one no doubt, bust a u-turn and lets clear these locals out! Now clearing them out meant casualties, still had the Halifax mentality, bust a cap, and outta there in a hurry, what would ya know? A drive by in D'Esscoury, them locals got dropped, took their break next day set up shop, and it's better than surfing in the valley, triple the waves cathing more than we did in the valley, snapping of the lip like occy;s double, cuz these stupid ass locals don't want trouble, and we do in the work, police don't recognize the ...lost symbol on our sWEaT shirts, getting bitches, and they can't stand a, 2003 tony montana, now the shit's like a war, localism violence, where it was never seen before, the groms run, when the gat bust's, 4 blonde headed surfers kicken up dust, and some of them are even looking up to us, wearing our colors and talking our gang talk, giving up much love, ready to die for a break that they never heard of, but all the boys wanna say they are locals, so they say it strong, y'all know the phrase, once again it's on! Damn! My homie got shot, he's a gonna smack, the island boys want their break back, we out surfing in snowy weather, even this time of year the surfers can't stick together, now the police got the 411, that Nova Scotia ain't all surf and sun, but we ain't thinking about them boys, feuding, like the Hatfield's an McCoy's, now the shit is getting tricky, cuz now they are looking for the colors and they are picky, Damn! this break is getting hot from the platter, time to pack up and start surfing in Nevada, but the locals, show up about 5 i'n the morning, try and catch a brother while he is yawning, put his glock to my chest as I paused, with the gel in my fucking ears, the fool must be smart and, talking about about a double life plea bargain, and the jury cried they hate Northside, no chance for rehabilitation and this is a young grom's summer vactation. I'm a end it like this and you know its rough! My life is fucked!

By anonymous , 02-05-2003

Brought It On Themselves - You know we really wouldn't really mind people moving here and starting to surf if they were just ordinary people. But you Ontario people have put us down for so long and thought of us as worthless unemploted fisermen, coal miners, steel workers. And now ya's all decide to show up and start surfing because it's suddenly become cool. We'll let me tell ya that surfers are a dime a dozen in Nova Scotia and the surfer thing grew old with chicks long ago. By God, Nova Scotia is turning into the new California. Transplants go home! Ya's always hated Nova Scotia! So why come here now?

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