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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Canada, East Coast

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By ithrowbuckets , 21-05-2003

Amen to that - That's the truth. Luckily there's still a relatively small crew of guys that you see every time there's swell in winter. I think I pretty much know the face of everyone who consistently shows up on those -20*C late January mornings when the northwest wind is 30 knots and you just want to kill yourself. Being that there's such a small crew in winter, it makes it all the more easy to spot the seasonal surfers. I don't know about you Roman, but I just paddle around'em. You don't really even need to drop in on most of these guys because they aren't aggressive enough to sit in the peak. The only problem they create is teabagging in the impact zone, and then they scratch for the shoulder when a set shows up, more concerned with making it outside than staying out of your way when you're driving down the line. If there are any real surfers beside Roman and myself who read this forum, Ive got some advice: We should all, at least once this summer, tell one of these summertime kooks what not to do. Don't bob around inside unless you know what you're doing. If you suck, sit on the shoulder. You'll still get a few waves. And for the love of God, you take one on the head before you fuck up a guy's ride trying to make it out the back!

By roman , 21-05-2003

hey ithrowbuckets - thats was a sweet post dude, that basically sums up surfing in nova scotia, surfing with the same guys all winter does form a bond and everybody who gets along just hates seeing the attitude flood back when the seasonals start to show up.
especially hurricane season when the winter surfers cant wait to get some half decent waves without 6mm's of rubber. surfing in the winter is almost a right of passage, theres nobody watching you from the beach, no glory, just raw desire to get a few waves before your feet go numb.

By thenorthshorekid , 21-05-2003

U got it - i agree, enough! Stay off this site unless u have something friendly or intelligent to say!

By ithrowbuckets , 21-05-2003

I'll tell you where the localism is! - The only localism surrounding the surf scene here is in this forum. Out at the beach it just barely exists. When I was learning to surf here I had a handful of incidents with the guy who were the more established locals. Like all beginners I found myself in the way sometimes, occasionally let my board go and it smacked a few people in the head. They were pissed, I got better, and now I know which wave is mine and how to stay the fuck out of the way. I'm not the most charming fucking guy out there, but I can handle my shit in the water, I give respect where it's due, and for that I get my fair share of waves. Anyone who has a problem out there just needs to look around, follow the rules, and you'll do just fine.

Now, the guys that show up in June and surf till October, who've been surfing 5 years and still can't link 2 turns together, of course you're going to get negative reactions. I can handle a kook, but if your still a kook next summer, you get no rights to get waves. Anyone who surfs winter will agree that the first warm days of the year are jam packed with dickheads who can't surf. And if you surf the winter, you feel a certain right to get more waves than these guys. The hierarchy is simple and it works: 1 the better surfers get the better waves, they've obviously worked longer and harder for them than you have. 2 If you surf six months a year I don't blame you because the water is fucking unbearable in the winter. But you shouldn't show up in the spring when the sun comes out and expect to get as many waves as the committed, year round surfers do.

Also, in response to the person who suggested putting another local spot on this page: If you're a local, then why would you want to attract more surfers? And if you're not, then piss off. It's not your spot to advertise. And if you do feel the need to advertise more local surf spots, you'd be wise to stay anonymous.

By Rons electric Tuner , 20-05-2003

enough - Stop Fucking Crying! nothing worse than 2 kooks crying about other kooks calling them kooks.
Just surf you Pussies?
Hey North shore kid , do you sit when you pee?

By thenorthshorekid , 19-05-2003

?/ - Not sure. I go to Dal and never heard of them. Plus I know of nobody from Ontario who surfs!

By , 19-05-2003

fill me in!! - after i posted my message i kept on reading previous messagees and came accross many who have issues with "dal" students. I't also seems that that's where all the anti ontario mind set stems from. Now as i said before i have lived in ont. for 4 years and have been surfing n.s beaches for a while with no problems in regards to localism or anything else for that matter. Where does the "dal surf club" surf, are any of them not pricks?.

By thenorthshorekid , 19-05-2003

Thank you!! - Cheers to jon and david. Nice to have some kind words! Anybody find any swell this weekend? Didn't have a chance to get out, so I never bothered looking!!!!

By , 18-05-2003

calm down!!! - i am reading these messages from people in regards to upper canadians and surfing local n.s beaches. I began surfing at martenique beach and white point, i have witnessed no localism. One guy surfed over my girlfriends leg and was very appologetic (she is upper canadian) and we have also been well taken care of by the great folks at happy dudes.It's very welcoming. i have met many people from various areas including upper canada as far as sacatchewan surfing those spots. some were just learning and some were experienced. I moved to ontario 4 years ago for school and i am returning to halifax because i can't stand not being able to surf i am not an upper canadian, but my car has ont plates and i never received any static from anyone.I recently surfed the pacific coast of mexico, be happy that n.s is NOT like what i have witnessed. I am not a great surfer, i ride a long board and love being out there. Mexico was an eye opener, if you were with a local there were no troubles. They welcomed us and warned us of any dangers we might encounter on the beach or on the break. Unfortunatly not everyone is welcomed and they experienced theft, vandalism and other reather unpleasent experinces.I dont ever want to see n.s be like all need to realize that surfing is not just a sport and it's not a territory, it's a state of mind and spirit and those folks who maybe jumpimg on the latest fad will probably not stick around. Yes i agree that they don't understand the surf etiquet, but has anyone informed them? Next time a "kook" cuts in front or jumps the wave you are ridding (note: i didn't say "your wave" because it's not!)pull the "kook" aside and explain to him what the "rules" are. From what i am hearing some people on this board say is that begginers or non locals are not welcome and that this site is giving away "your" spot. i hope that when i relocate to halifax in august that i don't have to deal with "grade 9" surfers because i have had to deal with it in skateboarding, bmx, mountain biking and various "punk scenes" (t.o)We need to be part of the solution not the probelm .I will be turnig 24, i am to old for cynical immaturity. get some life experience, go surf in an other country, then compare your rather negative attititudes about people before writting the rest of the world off!

p.s i am looking for a st mary's u student to share a 2 bedroom apt with. contact me via e-mail

By , 17-05-2003

looking for some gear - Im looking for a good quality bodyboard pref 41',42, 43
also a longboard 7'6 or so.
Drop a line.

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