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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Canada, East Coast

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By , 02-06-2003

sad..... - I was refered to this site, cause I was interested in exploring surf culture and maybe finding someone who had some time to give a girl a lesson. Unfortunatly all I found was alot of sad, negetivity. And since Aussies aren't welcome in NS... I guess I'll check out the "surfsisters" on the west coast....happy bantering boys.

By , 02-06-2003

kook? - First of all, let me start by saying that this is the first time I have ever written anything to this site and I have never in my life said anything negative about longborders.Surfing is about personal enjoyment not impressing others, despite what some people on this BS site seem to think. I have been surfing here for over 12 years and have been privledged enough to have made some great friends and shared some incredible surfing experiences with people I have the utmost respect for. I also know that my level of surfing has earned me the same respect from the real locals in the area.
Whoever the nancyboy is that is using my name to dis others, get a life. You are obviously some limp dick coward who's not enough of a man to speak for himself.
As for whoever Jason is, Whatever you think of me I really don't care, but if you really have a problem why don't you come talk to me I'll be more than happy to settle it. I'm not hiding behind some fake name like most of the people on this site. Roman is the only one with enough balls to use his name even though he is a better surfer than to have to get involved with the childish BS going on here. The only thing more pathetic than half of these postings is the attitudes of you clowns at the beach.

By TNSK , 31-05-2003

Ya - Ya they were the last two :-( Was pretty weak, but a some decent clean swells none the less. I know of spots other than Lt. Actually I rarely go to Lt, maybe twice a year! I would love to see this triple overhead waves. Wouldn't dare ride it yet but I would love to witness this!! Take a camera next time won't ya!

By Bill Brasky , 31-05-2003

How Dare You Insult My Intelligence! - Two Hurricane seasons! I hope they weren't the last two haha. They were weak........last week! Besides I know you aren't smart enough to find these spots that hold triple overhead. I'm talking gnarly, intense, barreling, hold your rail and drive the line reefs, and huge, walling points that only the bravest would surf. Only me and few pros who you wouldn't know, can get to these spots. You my friend are out of luck. Of course Lawrencetown couldn't hold triple overhead, but thats all you will ever surf!

By TNSK , 31-05-2003

Triple overhead - Hey Bill what is all this talk about triple overhead! Have spent two hurricane seasons surfing in N.S. and never say anything near triple overhead! It wouldn't hold in these spots!!

By Turtle , 31-05-2003

Who is the Asshole Naming Spots?? - Who is the complete kook who mentioned Pavones and J-Bay on here?!?!? These spots are super duper secret spots brah!!! We grew here, you flew here haole!

By Bill Brasky , 31-05-2003

I Hope None of You Are Talking To Me! - I remeber a time when it would be just me and the random travelling pro paddling out around here, scoring triple overhead Right Point to ourselves. Now the lineups are full of wannabe Kelly Slater kooks. They just need to sit back and realize that maybe they don't belong here and that their attitude sucks. I remeber one time we went on a little road trip. Me, Pat O'Connel and Wingnut. We hooked up with a local in Ingonish Beach and he showed us the most perfect, triple overhead, reef ever. Just off one of those islands there. So it was triple overhead and Pat and Wingnut were just killing it. Wingnut of course at the time was riding his longboard with no leash as he always did. So this triple overhead set rolls in, and of course Pat took off on the first wave of the set, as he always used to. Pat back then was known for his backside surfing, this was back before airs and all that horeshit became popular. It all goes back to that Fletcher kid, what a real jackass. Who did he think he was anyway? He was probably on the reefer at the time. All those hippies were. Which brings me to my next point. Too many surfers around here now think its cool to walk around Spring Garden Rd with your boards. Thinking you are all cool and whatnot. You know who you are. So all that being said, I think I made my point clear. Stay outta my waves kooks!!!!!

By ithrowbuckets , 31-05-2003

Help! - I just realized there may be a swell on the way and I can't find my webbed gloves. If anyone saw them, please give me a call. They're black with neon green webbing and I think I left them on the stairs in front of the parking lot. Thanks guys, I'd really appreciate it. Oh yeah, one more thing; This site is obviously full of kooks, so stop naming other spots on here ya dickheads.

By anonymous , 31-05-2003

Swell?? - Any sign of a swell this weekend!!! It looks promising to me :-)

By anonymous , 30-05-2003

OMG shutup - Drop the SoCal lingo and the attitude. Use this site for what it is meant for. We are Nova Scotians, so be friendly and learn how to speell fur christs sakkes!!!

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