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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Tores point


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By daniel , 19-10-2009

Tore's Point? - please detail how to get to this spot?

By Anonymous , 04-04-2008

- i used to go out in rak with dan and a few other towards rams and shams. I used to wear a spring suit in winter, mainly coz the wind is pretty full on.

By osamabinladen , 20-09-2007

totally perfect - man i was in the 2006 in that beach and its the best i have surf in my life

By 24th Fret , 28-08-2007

12 ft - Holds up to 12 ft?? more like 3 ft on a good day

By , 27-05-2007

howzit from SOUTH AFRICA - Shot, i going to work as a lifecaurd up in BAHRAIN, would like to know what is closes wave...

my email -

By oystershooter , 04-02-2007

Fake - Dude's wearing a wetsuit in the UAE... Probabaly not.

By BigBadGoat , 24-12-2006

Wave is a FAKE!! - show GPS co-ordinates - like the other guy said, been surfing in UAE for years... there is NO WAVE LIKE THIS... this is a fake.

By seb , 24-12-2006

hey - hey could u please tell me where tore's point is as it looks so good for it near dubai or a long drive from dubai? if u can please email me at thanks

By , 23-12-2006

Oh I see - You can't add links to messages?

surf camel

By surf camel , 23-12-2006

test - My messages are not being added?

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