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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By siempre havianas , 03-01-2010

the must have list... for surfing in dubai - hey... moving to dubai in 2 weeks and I have a few questions...
i'm a female who usually rides a 6.3 shortboard or 6.1 fish... Just wondering what type of board i should bring... if there are any for sale there... or surf merchandise... boardies, ding repair kits, zinc, wax, bikinis (actually good for surfing) or any suggestions on how to get involved in some rides/ community, etc.

basically, what should I not forget to bring, or any extra tips... thnx

By jeremy , 20-02-2008

no surf in bahrain - i recently went to bahrain and tried to find surf to no avail. Couldnt find anything close to a wave

By Khaled , 07-01-2008

Re: Bahrain - I'm from Saudi and live in Dhahran/Khobar...Got the wave/surf-mania while living in S. Calif for some time...Northern coast of Bahrain (the Seef area beach), where you find fishermen, might be the best location for surfing on the island (not very sure)..didn't try it but willing to...surfing might be probable only in stormy conditions...drop me a line if intersted in further wave investigation.

By Anonymous , 02-12-2007

Bahrain... - I am moving to Bahrain in July and will be bringing a freshly made 10' 0" on the philosophy that anywhere you have a large body of water and some wind you will get waves! I grew up in Michigan and would watch people surf on the Great Lakes, so I am optimistic. If anyone is already there and has some advice I am all ears.

By UAEsponger , 04-05-2007


Log on to the fourums and reask those questions

By JOE COASTIE , 18-10-2006


By abonymous , 25-09-2006

bahrain surf? - Does anybody surf in Bahrain? Are there even waves there?

By , 23-06-2006

Abu Dhabi surf? - Hi to all surfing community members. Got an offer to work in Abu Dhabi, and I'm interested in knowing if I can expect to surf there... Will it be worth taking my boards with me? Thank you in advance for any info provided.

By Mel(M) , 18-06-2006

UAE - Absolutely mind-blowing!!! Surfies never believed there`s waves in Israel & the Med. Who could have believed that you 'full-on' surf-freaks in the UEA have such a choice of waves!!
"Neptune works in wonderous ways"doesn`t he?!

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