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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Ramlet el baydah


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By jeff andry , 12-09-2008

hello everybody - just to clarrify.. im a pure brazilian.. i am getting so pissed in lebanon because i cant surf.. because i dont know the right place and so on.. i was wondering if u guys can help me.. i live in beirut but my father lives in tyre.. by the way.. if u guys want to make a new friend my facebook is jefferson oliveira and my msn is i ll so pleased if u helped me.. thanks...

hope to surf with u guys... buy.. by the way... i forgot to say that im a body boarder.. =p

By pisco23 , 02-09-2006

hey marie - love your attitude people can make a difference at bad times like this - I definately want to come and surf Lebanon one day (just a brit, not an israeli though..) find me on and we'll talk

By marie , 02-09-2006

lebanese girl - hey not a surfer but there's a place where u can get god waves in leb..its called sour (tyre)it's south lebanon it's really known for it's touristic features..if u're planing to go surfing in lebanon u have to go there that place rocks..cheers
oh and btw i wanna thank all the isreali surfers who want to come visit lebanon and think it's a good country,it rocks!! who knows maybe someday we'll be surfing in each others spots :p ( i hope so, i hate what's happening between us too regions...)and oh before i forget the middle east rocks so to the one who said fuck it well fuck you!!

By Anonymous , 02-09-2006

from a lebanese girl... - hi first..this site not a surfer ( but im planing to learn soon so..:p)
i just wanted to say that yeah lebanon does rock, even if it isnt THE best place to surf but anyway its cool...speaking on behalf of the lebanese ppl nshallah someday we'll be able to move on and rise up from the dust of the for all isrealis ppl u're free to come and surf any time now :p we'd love new friends...

By Derek Price , 29-10-2004

some people - DAM, some people like mister "no title" are just so ignorant and stupid. They are the typical dumb ass surfers that gives the sport a bad name. The day you can surf all over the middle east and in many other parts of the world will be one beautiful day. So “NO TITLE” FUCKER, eat my asshole with a spoon!

By anonymous , 22-06-2003

another israeli surfer - salam aleikum lebanon surfers, i'm looking forward for peace days when we can surf and snowboard in lebnon and you can do the same in israel,after all we dont have to many places to surf in the med.
and to all other surfers all over the world ,lebanon is maybe not the best place in the world for surfing but it's one of the most beutiful places in the world (beleive me i'v been there,during nights only, but i'v been there).

By lebanon rocks! , 01-02-2003

well, the only peacefull and nice comments are from israelis, thats a nice lesson - Hi, lebanon is actually a great country, you can have fun there wether you like trance music parties and clubs (dave seaman, p.gooding came, and oakenfold is on his way). as for the waves, well its no tenerife but overall you have great fun there. indeed, hopefully peace will come soon with our neighboor, as for all the racists on this forum, well stay in your ignorance, we dont need you.

By anonymous , 17-09-2002

no title - y the hell would u wantr to surf he middle east

By anonymous , 06-09-2002

terrorist - nothin but damn teerorist over there.screw the middle your mony and surf mexico

By , 01-09-2002

Salam ya rafik... - 1'st of all id like to say i was in lebanon while i served in the IDF and its is so fu*&ink beutifull.

When? When will ppl just a leave all these politics shit behind and concetrate on the important and positive aspects of life...???

besides..."Fuck the Middle East" is a song by SOD.

And im just dying to visiy Lebanon a formal way...(;


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