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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Secret spot in the north


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By anonymous , 24-10-2005

the location.... - there is a point break between "habonim" and "neve yam"

its a right point, the wave is mostly fun and powerless, unless you are lucky and get there on these rare days...
if u want power, you have to catch it from just infront of the rocks/reef... after the first section (if it didnt close on you ) it mostly a powerless wave... again... u have to be very picky with the wave...some break awesome some just crapp fun,begginer longboard break... anyway... its a 4x4 access or 25 min's walk on the beach... leave it clean, cause we like it clean ! blablabla

By wayne , 28-04-2004

no title - What bloody tube rides? ?, These photos are crap this guy is full on dogging these photos, better you go to San Fransisco with your mate.

By , 11-11-2003

shalome from nor cal - aloha much love an stoke to you and all isreali surfers keep the faith and let the ocean be you guide.....come to san francsico and surf with me and my crew....shalome y'all
aden joseph

By anonymous , 17-09-2003

yeah.. seacret spot... - TEL BARUCH... like duh....

By Israeli Surfer , 17-09-2003

Godzilla - I believe "secret" refers to Israeli surfers. No one here expects anyone from abroad would come to Israel just for the surf.

We dont need ignorant dicks like yourself to come here anyway. Got enough trouble as it is.

By anonymous , 10-09-2003

the secret spot i think is jaser a zarka - i think that man who add this spot is saw the movie "lost in israel"and in the movie the photo this spot and they call at secret spot.

By Godzilla , 08-09-2003

Keep your secret - Keep playing hide the weenie as no one wants to go to Israel anyway and take the chance of getting shot by the wakos who live over there in the crazy part of the world.

By RF , 03-09-2003

Secret Spot(s)....... - Ok... so there's a secret spot to the north of Israel; but you give no real specifics ie a name or any real hints about it. Good on you for preserving the 'secretness' of your spot BUT why even bother to mention it here for the lack of details you give. Its a bit like saying "there's a secret spot in the Northern Hemisphere" or "a secret spot on the Earth". Both are pointless statements and it seems to me that the same could be said of your contribution.

By anonymous , 02-09-2003

no title - great!!!

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