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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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By George Costanza , 05-09-2006

Hmmm - I could say...but I won't, so I'll just shut up!

By Mel(M) , 15-06-2006

Marina Herzliya - We`re talking about the north side of the Marina (the entrance & exit to the port). This beach 'fires' in the Winter (that includes November thru` April).Because of the Marina wave - barrier & the wave-barrier on the north -side of the break it`s protected against winter 'northerlies'. The bottom is sand & when the big winter waves come stomping-in they jack-up first off the south-point & again off the north-point. The 1st break presents a 2 - 3 metre peak peeling frontside & the 2nd break comes-in @ 11/2 - 2metres peeling front & backside. Then it WACKS the sandbar beach-breaking & barreling-out. Long rides can be had if you pick-up on the first outside break & then connect with the second break (long is like 150 metres). Usually the 'pros'/'vets' wait for the outside 1st break (the 'drop' is their orgasm!)& the super-groms & kamikazes pick-up on the more radical 2nd break. Vibes are ALWAYS good here & the locals are 'ucla'( real-nice). There`s plenty of room for eveyone here, even on a 'crowded' day. In winter check-out the 'teenie-weenies' (groms) with the surf-school & you`ll realize why Israeli surfers are gung-ho, feerless & skilled in their 'blessed sport'(Believe me I`ve seen these little kids @ the school cry when the instructor pulls-em out @ the end of their lesson).
May thru` October is okay but preety powerless. You occasionaly do get that 'rogue super-swell' which 'brings everything together' - classic offshores until 10am & awesome perfection until nightfall. If you`re visiting the Marina is a must. During the summer flaccid waves the compensation for all you horny bastards are the babes!!!

By anonymous , 05-05-2006

californian... - i was in the maldives and indo and got to surf with alot of israeli surfers. you can say israeli this israeli that, but i never had problems with them and the only time and last that an israeli dropped in on me he oppoligised and paddled to the next peak. it is right that sometimes you get to surf with some annoying but that includes the hole world: americanos, japs, italians, brazilians and alot more... and and dont get fooled when someone is beeing an asshole dont hate their hole contry!!

By anonymous , 12-09-2005

Marina Beach - Marina is great beach, better on the winter.
on winter swell, you must come after the storm, in the morning. the wave can be PERFECT when it's going high.
respect the locals, and try to be nice.

have fun!

By anonymous , 15-04-2005

- i would like to go to marina in israel but a friend in isareak say the is no wavs there...should i believe and go or stay im portugal ?

By anonymous , 22-12-2003

To mister "No prejudice" - You are right there are to many Israelies like that, however I did meet some nice Israelies out there...

By anonymous , 10-11-2003


By anonymous , 02-07-2003

No prejudice - No prejudice but... reading the previous post, reminds me of past experiences:
Wherever/whenever I shared the line up with israeli surfers they ruined the usually friendly atmosphere... snaking, dropping on, never taking turns but rushing to get as many waves as possible, getting closer to the rocks to get priority but thus never making it past the first section (what a waste), yelling for nothing and generally being loud. Found it rather sad that the ones I met had no sense of respect or priority rules (yes some rules actually do exist!), true enjoyment of sharing the line up with others when few people are out and the conditions are good. Hope this changes...

By the Cookie Monster , 26-06-2003

Looks Like a Nightmare - ...small waves, and packed with Israelis, most of whom probably are devout Jews who love their (Palestinian) country.

By anonymous , 22-06-2003

no title - don't let anyone bullshit you this is the best place to surf in israel during winter good days you won't beleve it's the med.
anyway when you got thereyou are in battle fieldand don't expect any kindness.

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