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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By anonymous , 15-03-2004

Wettie - May be a bit too cold with a 4/3 (depends on location, Cornwall slightly warmer than most places). I would go for a decenbt 5/3, boots, gloves and maybe even a hood too. This again depends on where you go.

By anonymous , 15-03-2004

wetsuits? - Was thinking about coming over to England in dec/jan to visit some relatives. Thought i might check out some waves as well. If i were to surf that time of year, would i freeze my balls off in a good 4/3mm, hood booties and gloves? if yes, what thickness wetties do you guys use this time of year

By Billy the third , 29-01-2004

It's the best idea - I hope you will all buy it, the money will go towards doing a Wales/East Coast guide.

By nuff said , 29-01-2004

Not so good idea - Naming secret spots wont thin the crowds out, they just make the better breaks more crowded. Only when these are maxed out do people actually seek an alternative. Search and ye shall find.

By anonymous , 29-01-2004

Surf Guide - Excellent idea, this should actually improve the tensions in the surf in the south west, hopefully the crowds will be thined out. There are enough waves for everyone, the problem is most of the muppets that now surf are totally clueless and just head for the well known breaks.

By anonymous , 06-01-2004

no title - How nice a book the exposes surfers local breaks.

Way to go , right on. NOT

By Ed , 04-11-2003

ATTENTION SW SURFGUIDE OUT SOON. - Keep your eyes peeled for this one in the shops folks. The Total Surfguide to The Southwest Coastpath. Every reef, every point, every secret and in some useful detail. This is going to be the best book and have something in it for everyone. The next best text has 85 breaks. This one around 300.........Find out what the locals in the pub are mumbling about with hushed tones.

By UKDK , 22-10-2003

Aussie Sponger... - Check out the N.E. coast of England, around the Newcastle area or even North Yorkshire. Plenty of potential to be found. You'll be based in the North West so head across to the N.E. Bring a decent 5/6mm suit, boots, gloves, etc. The South West, i.e. North Devon/Cornwall is approximately a 5/6hr drive. Don't bother with trains, they're shit!

By Aussie sponger , 20-10-2003

how far to travel? - Im comming to work over in england around november with my cousin. I was wondering how far it is to travel from liverpool (where im staying) to anywhere with surf. Or is it just useless and i shouldnt even bother packing my board? I porbably wont have a car, so I'd have to use public transport. Thanks

By flake , 20-10-2003

What - yeah uhmm what kind of wetsiut thickness would you guys recommend for england, 4-3 or a full 6 what about second skin booties and hoodies?

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