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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By ratty , 26-05-2004

dan's book - Hasn't completed it yet. is getting there though.

By Jimmy Smith , 26-05-2004

Has that bloke published his book yet? - Well folks, I have been hearing a lot of words on the grapevine about a TOTAL surfguide to the SW. Mile by mile covering anything which breaks. Does anyone know where I can get one. I heard it had allready been released. I have heard from several people it is the lexicon of secret spots and unknown reefs..............

By , 15-05-2004

The usual message of help - Hey all. I get to London quite a bit and am a very keen surfer from Australia. looking to hunt a few waves when next over there. Got any rec's for accessing surf from london? Anyone keen on taking me for a surf? What wetsuit for what time of year.....?
Any info a bonus... Thanks CC

By anonymous , 07-05-2004

Typical Brit! - Thats so lame. Dude if yuo were so soul, you wouldn't have been here anyway ;-). So sure, go find your free lunch someplace else - maybe spend your free time looking up how much hosting web sites cost (factor in the size of this one...) no one is getting rich on this baby.

By Last time visitor. See ya! , 07-05-2004

Advertising - Wannasurf, "Made by surfers for surfers", I don't like the advertising, you have spoiled your site. Good luck with your riches.

By anonymous , 30-04-2004

Good surf - Yeah you can get some really good surf at that time of year. Cornwall is your best bet, both coast will be getting swell and there is almost always somewhere offshore due to the shape of the coastline. Bit chilly though by November expect water temps of less than 14 degrees c. Enjoy

By teco. , 17-04-2004

Surfboards!!!! - I´m brazillian, and use to live in São Paulo, but now I live At Praia Grande( near Guarujá and 100 miles from 70 different surfing beachs called "Ubatuba".I´m a glasser and use to work on 2 good companies here. would you feel like havong some good rockets (boards). visit us <> and come to Brazil. If you can´t we try to send our best surfboards.

By same guy who asked the wetsuit question , 23-03-2004

no title - thanks guys. what are the chances of scoring good surf in the dec/jan period. Is that a good time of year for you guys? and what is the general crowd factor in your winter?

By craig , 16-03-2004

i agree - yeah i agree. get yourself a 5/4 wetty. i find that i don't have to use gloves as they piss me off. after ten mins u get used to it anyway. u only really need a hood on windy days to stop gettin bad ears.

By anonymous , 16-03-2004

no title - thanks mate. i might have to invest in a new wettie if i come over. hope to see you out in the water

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