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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By Lee Chung , 04-10-2004

Oi ,Webmaster, you need to sort your accuracy out. - I will elaborate on what is wrong with your SW UK break info. There are a few repeats and errors.

I will work through the list as it appears on the spot list. Peters point is summed up under Gwithian, they are the same place on the map, Mousehole reef is a site for shipwrecks not surfing!!!!(I used to live there and if it was surfable, I would have surfed it), North Cornwall-Barratts Zawn is a quarry not a surfbreak, allthough if you went there on a 100 year low tide with the sand in the right place, it might break. Barras nose is a fucking great headland stuck out into the sea, there is nothing surfable there. The same with Compass point, this breaks into Salthouse aka north widemouth. Have you seen the rocks there? Very silly indeed, not a surf spot. Crosstown is a village and the cliff there plunges right into the sea. Devils Palace is the same. No surf there, I kid you not, unless you can ride the sea sloshing up and down the cliffs just outside boscastle! Dunsmouth is a farm!!!! Sandynmouth is the beach, no need to have that twice then. Foxhole does not break, there is a reef south of widemouth bay but someone is confusing it with Foxhole near Porthmeor beach (somewhere else). Pengold=Rusey, no need to have them twice. Also the reef at rusey is most certainly not rideable, I believe this was put on the site to gain information about where "the Box" was Rusey is not a surf spot. Hippa rock is just N of Stanbury mouth, if you see that break, then global warming must have happened. It sticks out of the water about 8ft at high tide!!!!! Wanson mouth isn't really surfable, unless you count going right off the rocks at the south end of widemouth. It doesn't really merit having its own name. Yeol mouth has no access and 400ft cliffs. The left is very short and breaks onto bare rock. You might be able to ride it if you are lucky, couple of renegade roacks will catch you out though. Moving onto south Cornwall, Cabage patch is not a break, the area they are talking about is rocky, what they mean to say is the break Marazion/Seal point/other local names. Kynance cove is tucked into an odd facing spot, the way the prevailing swell comes in, it creates a righthander right into the rocks. If the rest of the beach is big enough to break, it is rocky and very very dangerous. Porthlevan beach is a shingle bar like the famous chesil beach, another shipwrecker and surfable under no conditions. Remove it. The 2 rame reefs are submitted by people having a laugh also. It is a headland going into very deep water!!!Prussia cove is the area which also encompasses Rinsey, so delete one of those. South Devon is OK but Mothecombe is a village, the river has a different name as well as the beaches. The description is all to cock as well. Boneyard Exmouth is submitted by someone with a sense of humour as well. The reefs are there but do not break like the description. Try closeout mush over oyster beds (very sheltered) and mud!!!!!! Place is called sandy bay (no sand!!). Wembury beach is pretty much where you stand before you paddle out to the reef. That is the only wave which breaks. no beachbreak. North Devon, Clovelly isn't a surfspot. There is a left which breaks although this is pretty much bucks mills 2. The one which breaks along the shore. So that could be reclassified as a part of bucks. Someone has been dreaming about Greencliff/Abbotsham. Greencliff=righthand peak/left point sectiony Abbotsham=Short hollow right longer left very fast. The rest of the peaks are the figment of someones imagination. Hartland quay is a shitty beachbreak. No epic lefthander. If you sort that out, you will have an accurate description of the south west. At the moment, it is a joke.

By Daniel , 01-08-2004

cum on cornwall - If anyone is wanting to surf in cornwall their is a great beach at newquay called lusty glaze. I went their to check it out and the waves were cumin in constantley at about 5 to 10 metres when i went last time. i have also heard that east anglia gettin well good 4 surfing especially west runton and hemsby on good days. It is well worth a day at lusty glaze the waves will not let u down on a good day.

By anonymous , 04-07-2004

Stop! Please! - Geez, all this Brits vs Aussies vs Yanks makes deperessing reading. Quit it, or else a plague of Spice Girls be unleashed upon your respective countries! You've been warned!

By Will , 04-07-2004

- Obviously u guys get better waves and weather than we do - why would so many brits travel to OZ if u didnt? Certainly wouldnt be to mix with u bunch of twats. It is cold in our winter, however that means u can pretty much surf empty waves week in week out for months - bit of a contrast to ur breaks where 100 people in the line up is uncrowded! - gutted!! Another thing, if english waves are so crap and u hate England, what the fuck are u all doin on our message board. If ur waves are so perfect and weather so good what the fuck are u all doin inside?
As for the rugby, yea, we havent done so well recently but that may have something to do with half our team retiring after winning the world cup and not having the time to sort our team out yet. As for the comment'johnny is a kook who cant play', really good comment mate, no seriously, really good comment. Shows alot about how thick u lot are!!!

By ozzy mate , 04-07-2004

keep low on ripping aye - hey boys now settle down a im an aussie and ive got a friend who travelled 2 england last winter and he said he got some oright waves,but it was 2 bloody cold 2 surf without being covered head 2 toe in rubber.i still dont think england gets anything like a nice warm,snapper rocks supabank bazz like ova here in oz but hay jameo give them a break there tryin there best even though they might be kooks who wen the swells roll in they dont go out and its rainy and dark and cold and foggy half the year but hay at least their tryin.maybe if they had more consistant surf like here in oz they might be better but o well.i do agree about the rugby but. jonny is a kook who cant play he can only kick goals.(sir clive woodward-wat a joke,the 1st time the poms win somfin so they knight them

By anonymous , 04-07-2004

UK vs. OZ - Now if I wanted to find some great waves, great fog-free weather, fun mates to have a beer with, would I head for the Brits or the Ozzies? Geez, now let me think about this.

By NOT A HIPPY, JUST A SURFER , 14-06-2004

Well bird....... - It can't be defined very well..........I am 27 and have been surfing since I was in Junior School. Surfing for me waqs then about paddling out at my local break with the older guys who sort of took me under their wing. Hearing the shouts of "Go Boyo" and getting a massive wave, being able to get out back when none of my mates could. Living it everyday and being stoked about my next wave. Asking one of the guys how big my last wave was, they would say something like 10ft, just to get me stoked..........Surfing for me has been a part of life, watching more people come along, going from grom to an older guy. Getting independence, driving and finding new places to surf (some unsurfed) and generally sharing the stoke with people like me. Watching surfing develop as a whole and seeing people come and go, even though we all originally did it because it was cool and our mates did it, some stopped and picked up other "Surfings" like Money, Climbing a Pyramid (corporations), Having other interests. You ultimately go one way or another, Surfing is something which either becomes a total religion or something which you will do less and less until your board is thrown away or sold. Magazines and places like Newquay pander to those who are doing it for the wrong reasons. Perhaps some may become true surf masters. It's not about how great you are in the water, it's about how much you love it. Longboarders, sponges, goatboaters, kids doing aerials, we are all related to each other by one thing. Love of surfing. Perhaps it is quite a rare thing but sometimes you may meet people getting changed or in the water who are completely on your wavelength, stoked, silly and just completely in love with the sea, waves and the whole phenomena. I am very well qualified and could earn a fortune in London. Some people try to do both. Ultimately, I have to be by the coast so that I can check the surf, watch the charts, see my friends and others doing the same. It's what makes surfers different from any other sportsmen. Dedication and stoke which I believe is unique to the sport. If you criticise the last line, I suspect you don't understand me.......A good surf is better than anything. You can have a good surf in onshore mush or perfect tubes, rain or cold. It's not who is the best or has the best, it is classless and uniting.

By c.s.a , 14-06-2004

way of life - i am 16 years old from cornwall. the answer to your question is yes, i would miss almost anything if the surf is absolutly pumpin. there is nothing better than pullin into a heavy section that you think that you prob wont make, and then you pop out. its the best feeling in the world just being deep inside a cave of water that is spinning around you and you can hear all of the air wistling as its getting sucked out and then boom!! you get spat out of the wave and onto the shoulder. its just a natural feeling that no money can buy. sorry if i dragged on a bit but the answer to your question is yes. any super keen surfer would prob miss almost anything for a really good surf.

By T , 08-06-2004

surfing: a way of life - one of the most pure things to experience in this life is to ride a wave. the more pure you are as a person (the least amounts of evils in you: envy, hatred, greed, etc), the more connection you can make to the higher energy source. simple. once someone has reached this point, a job, a blow job, etc pails in comparison. surfing is my life. what drives you? sex, money, success in society? where do is get you? peace to all, T

By , 05-06-2004

surfing: way of life - This question is for all you surfers out there! Is surfing a way of life for you? would you miss anything to catch the surf? I', doing a project for school on the way of life of surfers! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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