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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By Joel the Angry South Aussie , 07-03-2005

Correction: only England is crap - Yes, like the good journalist that I am I did make a mistake in my last statements and here is the retraction.... it is not the UK scene that sucks, Ireland and Scotland surf kicks huge ass and they are such a nice bunch too up there, I encourage every Aussie to visit Scotland and Ireland. So I was wrong, UK scene doesnt suck, JUST THE ENGLSIH PART! I forgot that because England is so crap you must encorperate 2 totally seperate countries and claim them as your own.. but only when its convenient.

By Joel the Angry South Aussie , 07-03-2005

Dicks - Annonymous, Im 26 you stupid fuck which means that I am far from aging. Does this prove again that simple things like basic mathmatics is yet another thing England is crap at? There is enough shit in the water without you in it....Hang on, you are to busy standing on the headlands staring with a Hasselhoff look of confusion out to sea to give the impression you know something about surfing, oh well pricess better go do your hair because its not like you actually get into the water. Enough said really.

By Gold Coast Inc. , 07-03-2005

You poor little English tool - Ha ha ha ha, you silly little English clowns. I agree with my Australian compatriot England sucks balls. Ireland and Scotland do have fantastic waves,loved the Irish surfers and the Scots are always a great crew.What you failed to realise like the rest of your imperical Englsih countrymen is that there is a major difference between ENGLAND's surfing and IRELAND and SCOTLAND not to mention politically and socially. England is horrendous, bombastic wankers that suck and surf with a wide, poo-like stance, while Ireland and Scotland are great countries with great waves, people, culture that have unfortunately had to put up with you pricks treating them like second class citizens for centuries just like you try to do with Oz still. But its just the middle part, the English part that sucks in the waves department and existance part.
Legendary status? Most Aussies that surf do it because we love it, its our lifestyle choice as chosen by our fathers and family, just like you have done following some crap football team like the English side for decades, it is in our blood. If you can travel wather for work or pleasure finding a place to surf is a major decision maker. Unlike you wankers who all travel to Spain to get shafted by everyone else in the water and make arseholes of yourselves with your oh so hilarious drunken pommie tourist antics. I surf for the love and self discover from it not the status, again this just typifies the English surfing scene, its all about you guys wanting "status" and "image" so you can impress all your little pals, sit around listen to Ben Harper, watch your crap Land of Saints DVD and jack off how awesome you all are when you surf somewhere where there is no competition whether in the line up or at a personal development level. Hey, i agree with my Aussie pal, I moved to England for professional career advancement, wound up in Truro near Newquay and left the country after 3 months because it was such a hole leaving England was the best decision I have made in a long time not to mention am now richer for it. In parting I would like to say that, English surfing does suck balls, Ireland and Scotland do rock, because they have a sense of humour.... well I suppose you need one, as colonial subjects we have had so much to laugh at for so long as England cocks it up... and surfing is just your new hobby. Whats funniest is that you never seen Pom surfers paddle out at the Goldie or anywhere like in Fiji or Indo as they know that their bullshit antics would last about 15 seconds before someone knocks them into line.

By english kook , 28-02-2005

moanin aussie - moanin aussie
take it u wont b back mate?

By anonymous , 28-02-2005

Aussies - Ageing Aussie travellers aren't we all sick of them! go home get a job and stop whining. You are right about newquay but the fact that you choose to live there out of all the UK just shows how stupid you are. England, Scotland and Ireland offer world class waves, you came all the way to the UK and went to newquay? what a dick. Just pick up a surf mag or a decent DVD movie and you'll see whats on offer. I guess people like Tom Curren, Joel fiztgerald, Malloys etc etc rave about the place because its shit right? we didn't ask you to come over here, you went to newquay because you thought you might get some legendary status, you didn't get it because your just the same as everyone else that moves there, a fake try hard. Keep travelling dude!

By Joel the angry South Aussie , 28-02-2005

To all Aussies: ENGLAND SUCKS - Gday Crew,
well, I have to settle this score. TO ALL AUSSIES ENGLAND IS SOOOO BAD, AVOID IT! I spent last February to September living in Newquay managing one of the most "prestigious" surf lodges there and mates it was such a dive. The whole surf scene is a joke. The poms are just the sick, lame and poor white trash of Europe. I have lived,worked and surfed between South Australia,Indo and SE Asia in professional work positions for the last 10 years and mate what joke the UK surfing scene is. It is just a bunch of fevered egos that cant surf in any conditions over 4 foot plus, and rave on about Fistral in Cornwall like it was your Margret Rivers, Catcus'or Burleighs. Fellas and Ladies, the Poms in and out of the water are rude, total snobs, they will drop in at a moments notice and are so amateurish. That is after you paddle thru the 1000 kook rookies splashing around on their rented boards in the shorey. The water temp is cold, unlike the beer, but if you are from SA or WA its no biggy. But Newquay and the like is just full of skanky chicks with horrible fake tans, bad teeth, worse bleached hair that has been straightend and bring poor personal grooming (IN ALL APSECTS) to new meanings. The blokes are the biggest bunch of wankers, all look like their mum has paid for their brand new "expensively deshevaled" brandname surf clothes and dreads all spouting on about being Ben Hraper listening hippies etc. Like a penis the average Pom male that surfs is white, spotty and hairy, ugly to look at and generally obscene if out in public. They are as lame in their country as they are when they roll up to Sydney and do the standard Sydney, Byron, Surfers, Cairns trip in Oz or any country that they unfortunately choose to visit. Any group of people that hurl glasses at a TV screen for loosing a soccer match to Portugual and starting a fight with you because you are not English.... AND THEN LOSES THAT! has to suck.
ALL AUSSIES, KIWIS OR YANKS...... AVOID THE UK SURF SCENE, I moved and went to Israel for 6 months instead and got better waves, better consistancy and better everything AND THAT PLACE IS A WAR ZONE. Go to Spain, France, Morrocco or anywhere where there arent any poms. But if you do insist on on surfing England, just take what ever waves you want as the poms arent used to crowds or fighting for waves and are easy to control in the water.

By White Lion (the proud Brit of Cali) , 23-12-2004

"local only" mentality is backwards - I'm writing this to all brits to put the message out that the "local only" mentality is backwards. It is not what surfing is about.
A litle background info: I moved from England to California in the late 70's. I grew up on the beach in Malibu(i lived on PCH). I've been surfing for the last 28 years. I Learned to surf at a time when California had serious localism. Eventually people woke up to the fact that the "local only" mentality is wrong. Unless you never leave your home-town at some time you will travel to surf another spot and it will be someone elses local break. If you treat non-locals like shit then you deserve to be treated like shit anytime you travel to get surf. You're just a big fucking hipocrit if you fuck-with or vibe non-locals unless that is you never leave home-spot and if that's the case then you're a fucking idiot because there is no spot in British Isles worth being stuck at 24/7. If you want to get good surf in this life then you have to travel, if you agree to this then face-up that the "local only" mentality stops the free movement of surfers. I've surfed all over the world and have been to spots better than anything britain has to offer and the locals were cool, no bad vibes. Realize that all you "local only" pricks are over-protecting spots not worth the negativity you're giving out. It's depressing to come home to England and see many people taking the sport of surfing in the wrong direction. It's sort of embarassing! I'm a die-hard pround Brit(more proud of my British blood than most people living in Britain) So to all "local only" types: "Wake up to the wide world of surf and stop fucking embarassing yourself and your countrymen, Share a wave with a stranger, karma will come back to you when you travel"

By english surfer. , 15-10-2004

SPOT ON. - "not a hippy just a surfboarder" is spot on wiv his comment and we cud all learn a thing or 2 from this bloke.
well said.
p.s. wot the fuck are u all talking about rugby on a surfing website for?!?!?!?

By anonymous , 08-10-2004

Wild goose chase - Lack of accuracy. Hmmm

By Lee Chung , 04-10-2004

Oi ,Webmaster, you need to sort your accuracy out. - I will elaborate on what is wrong with your SW UK break info. There are a few repeats and errors.

I will work through the list as it appears on the spot list. Peters point is summed up under Gwithian, they are the same place on the map, Mousehole reef is a site for shipwrecks not surfing!!!!(I used to live there and if it was surfable, I would have surfed it), North Cornwall-Barratts Zawn is a quarry not a surfbreak, allthough if you went there on a 100 year low tide with the sand in the right place, it might break. Barras nose is a fucking great headland stuck out into the sea, there is nothing surfable there. The same with Compass point, this breaks into Salthouse aka north widemouth. Have you seen the rocks there? Very silly indeed, not a surf spot. Crosstown is a village and the cliff there plunges right into the sea. Devils Palace is the same. No surf there, I kid you not, unless you can ride the sea sloshing up and down the cliffs just outside boscastle! Dunsmouth is a farm!!!! Sandynmouth is the beach, no need to have that twice then. Foxhole does not break, there is a reef south of widemouth bay but someone is confusing it with Foxhole near Porthmeor beach (somewhere else). Pengold=Rusey, no need to have them twice. Also the reef at rusey is most certainly not rideable, I believe this was put on the site to gain information about where "the Box" was Rusey is not a surf spot. Hippa rock is just N of Stanbury mouth, if you see that break, then global warming must have happened. It sticks out of the water about 8ft at high tide!!!!! Wanson mouth isn't really surfable, unless you count going right off the rocks at the south end of widemouth. It doesn't really merit having its own name. Yeol mouth has no access and 400ft cliffs. The left is very short and breaks onto bare rock. You might be able to ride it if you are lucky, couple of renegade roacks will catch you out though. Moving onto south Cornwall, Cabage patch is not a break, the area they are talking about is rocky, what they mean to say is the break Marazion/Seal point/other local names. Kynance cove is tucked into an odd facing spot, the way the prevailing swell comes in, it creates a righthander right into the rocks. If the rest of the beach is big enough to break, it is rocky and very very dangerous. Porthlevan beach is a shingle bar like the famous chesil beach, another shipwrecker and surfable under no conditions. Remove it. The 2 rame reefs are submitted by people having a laugh also. It is a headland going into very deep water!!!Prussia cove is the area which also encompasses Rinsey, so delete one of those. South Devon is OK but Mothecombe is a village, the river has a different name as well as the beaches. The description is all to cock as well. Boneyard Exmouth is submitted by someone with a sense of humour as well. The reefs are there but do not break like the description. Try closeout mush over oyster beds (very sheltered) and mud!!!!!! Place is called sandy bay (no sand!!). Wembury beach is pretty much where you stand before you paddle out to the reef. That is the only wave which breaks. no beachbreak. North Devon, Clovelly isn't a surfspot. There is a left which breaks although this is pretty much bucks mills 2. The one which breaks along the shore. So that could be reclassified as a part of bucks. Someone has been dreaming about Greencliff/Abbotsham. Greencliff=righthand peak/left point sectiony Abbotsham=Short hollow right longer left very fast. The rest of the peaks are the figment of someones imagination. Hartland quay is a shitty beachbreak. No epic lefthander. If you sort that out, you will have an accurate description of the south west. At the moment, it is a joke.

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