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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By anonymous , 07-05-2005

- whatever.will you aussies get over your inferiority complex and talk about surfing.

By anonymous , 06-05-2005

- Mate, you're a joke. Go away.

By anonymous , 04-05-2005

aussie - a battery hen has a nice life kept in the optimum conditions. stay home loser

By anonymous , 25-04-2005

- i am an "aussie" and i have just been reading all of the stuf you guys have posted up and most of it is laughable, what have you pommys got against us every country has its self loving ***** but i live in australia and i know more of them who are from the UK than Australa

PS. me and all my mates surf and many other guys i know and i dont know one of them who has surfed in the UK or even thought about it (Why would we, we have better waves and wormer water over here!)

By anonymous , 04-04-2005

chill out!!!!!!!! - aussie this, pommie that, he said this, he did that!come on boys were not in playschool doesnt matter where ur from theres cool people and **** suckers in every country isnt there?ive got good mates in both countries and its not about if you rip or not,just go out and enjoy it!any pro will say the same as they dont need to prove thereselves like the rest who think there Occy or Slater just because they can put in a few turns and do a 360.

By anonymous , 04-04-2005

chill the **** out! - There are too many surfers in this world suffering the tiny penis syndrome.let ur surfing do the talking and chill out,dont drop in dont snake and enjoy the most amazing sport in the world.i know this is hard for some people but i live in hope.

By anonymous , 25-03-2005

aussies rule - aussies rip,its true sorry every body else posted by a scot

By fat boy , 22-03-2005

change subject? - most of the aussies i have surfed with are ok.
its just the odd ones who let them down with shit like this? we all have dickedds in our own countrys who let us all down.
lets change the subject.
just enjoy the waves and chill

By anonymous , 22-03-2005

- To be honest I never really had a problem with the aussies inveding cornwall every summer until I read this. Now I think I'm going to beat the shit out of every aussie who even farts out of tune in my presence.

By mr blah blah , 22-03-2005

mr blah blah - how do you know where i am from. i am from blah blah land and i would not be able to say anything over there because i would not come over there if i could help it.

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