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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By Hillbilly hedgehog , 27-02-2003

Bournemouth - I took my board up about 15 years ago and it was headhigh and messy. It was good fun. I reckon wherever you are in the UK you get the best vibe in the water. The best I have experienced is Yorkshire. Those guys are so stoked, not cool like the twats in the water around Bude and Newquay. I reckon next time you are in the water and someone gives you the "Fuck off, I'm so cool attitude" we should paddle over and hit them with a stick. I also think we should ignore the restrictions on surfing imposed by draconian lifeguards. One bloke at Fistral threatened to confiscate my board, the only good peak was the one in the swimming area (it was also well overhead). I should have hit the rude bastard.

By anonymous , 27-02-2003

no title - Brighton and Bournemouth are very consistent on the English south coast.

By cd , 26-02-2003

just started - hi
i've just started surfing about a year ago and i was thinking if anyone could tell me where good places to surf are (uk only please)

By Melz - Cornwall , 03-02-2003

Give it a rest!! - You guys are worse than us females!! Will you STOP your bitching and your stupid arguments. Give me some useful info like, where to surf or happening surf events comin up or even what went on in your local on the weekend. It's gettin a bit boreing. Just chill out!

By asdf hater , 02-02-2003

Wankers - I'll be your mirror, reflect what you are

By anonymous , 20-01-2003

asdf hater - I notice you post alot of messages all over this web site that are full of anger and hostility.Did you wake up one day and realize how much of a loser you really are???? Did your dog die?? Are you a 13 year old kid with nothing better to do? Abused as child???? A reject of the surfing community and this your way of "getting back at them" Whats your story?? I have yet to see you make any kind of intelligent or intellectual comments.Please do the surfing community a favor and dont leave anymore messages!

By SEB , 15-01-2003

ASDF, Learn to read, boy! - I didn't compare UK surf to those places, many of which I have been to as it goes. I was born in Africa and I've travelled / surfed my whole life in mostly uncrowded waves so I don't need a lecture from you on good places to surf. I said "Europe" has waves to rival any on the planet and the UK has some great breaks of its own, both comments I stand by. Ive been to the Goldie but I doubt i'll go back, which I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear. Great waves I admit but shitty place. Anyway, lose the chip. Most Aussies enjoy a reputation as easy going, open minded, adventurous folk good for company in these parts. Represent man, you are letting the side down with your negativity.

By asdf hater , 15-01-2003

Sorry I must have been mistaken! - I did'nt realize the UK was such a surfing mecca up there with Burleigh, Kirra, Bells, Jefferies Bay, Pipeline, Sunset, Indo, etc. As for the Goldie your right crappy place to surf. Check it out at

By stoked european Brit , 14-01-2003

ASDF - If you were a serious surfer 1) you would know that Europe has world class waves which rival anytwhere and 2) you wouldn't spend so much time posting stupid messages on this site. You dis the site but you seem to enjoy visiting it. The UK has some great uncrowded waves if you know where to look, I've even had the pleasure of sharing some of them with visitors from your country who seemed to be more open minded and adventurous than you. They also use our little country as a great place to earn some decent money, enjoy some good night life that doesn't involve farm animals and jump off to explore the rest of the planet thanks to our affordable travel opportunities. You stick to your crowded over rated gold coast waves and your Gay Mardi Gras as the highlight of the Australian contribution to global culture. Meantime please remind me to kick you really hard in the balls if I ever meet you. Good day.

By Ghost Rider , 14-01-2003

ASDF Hater is a ... - TROLL! But I'm sure somebody loves you.

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