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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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UK, West Wales

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By Anonymous , 19-11-2010

Whitesands locals - I've returned to white sands for two years in a row just to do a bit of family surfing with my daughter who's 11. I've been surfing for about 15+ yrs myself. I've never experienced such a bad atmosphere in all my life, the locals gave us hell, we had our tires slashed one day and a local surfer, who thought himself the main man, grabbed my daughter off her board and put his fist though her board, I think his name was peter roberts. We even had a bit of trouble off the local surf school, the two workers were lovely, extremely helpful and gave us great advise, but when their boss came down he caused holy hell (he had a top on that said 'mr whitesands' sharlie cime) he refused to give us wetsuits after paying and spat at my dog, I'd highly advise you do not return to this surf school, unless just the two young boys are there. There was also this ginger lanky work with a red board, larry hedwith.

Anyway I'd recommend you stay clear of this place. Just my advise, take it or leave it.

By Anonymous , 07-10-2006

better than devon/cornwall - Way less people in the summer with equally as good surf, i would say its worth an extra hour or two drive to get away from crowds

By wilpower , 21-09-2006

winter only!!! - whitesands is pretty good, but i would only advise not to go to whitesands in the summer over july to about early september. firstly the waves are absloute cr@p and the amount of people just standing in the water and getting in the way is pretty big. The only time whitesands really picks up any strength is over the winter. And considering it hasn't been great over the last few years, i think other spots in the south would be a better option.

By Lauren (age 7) , 07-08-2006

- I loved the waves. They were brilliant. I've never surfed as good as I did on that day.

By Taffie , 25-07-2006

Whitesands - Whitesands is a glorious beach in winter or summer with occasional good waves. You always see people there with their surf board and a lot of people boogie boarding too. I highly recommend it!

By POWLOS , 10-05-2006

People need to get away more !! - Come on really? Whitesands' good? Whitesands' Rocks? Living in Wales and having surfed here whenever there has been surf for the last 16yrs I think we all knows that Whitesands' is mediocre at the best of times - Ever surfed Anchor Point/ Mundaka/ Avalanches/ Supertubos etc etc etc - waves which are all very close to home ... or even go further afield e.g Uluwatu/ G-Land/ Blacks/ Escondido, wherever.. then you'll know what a proper wave is ! Christ... Let's get things in perspective shall we? we even have 'good' waves a stones throw from here - Gower/ west wales reefs to Monk Nash.

By , 01-11-2005

whitesands rocks - Hi,
I'm from Holland, and there is only one word to say, Whitesands rocks, I had a really great time!!!
Byee Niki

By anonymous , 28-05-2005

Photo 1 - Wales. 8FT waves in a shorty wetsuit. Really?

By anonymous , 18-04-2005

re;help - Hey Aussie, forget north west england, I don't think it really gets much swell. Nearest to Wigan would be either Porth Neigwl/Hellsmouth, or some of the breaks on the southern end of Anglesey.

South of there are some good occasional breaks that work on biggish winter swells- mostly beach breaks, but good when they're working.

If you can travel, it gets interesting from Whitesand bay southwards (except Newgale, which aint worth it). Freshwater west is probably the best spot in most conditions arond Pembroke.

Good reefs around the Gower.. go hunting... not telling.

By anonymous , 31-01-2005

Whitesands is awesome - whitesands rules when theres good surf. more powerfull than newgale and better quality. good surf shops in the area (ma simes) so go to witesands not newgale!

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