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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 The trap

UK, West Wales

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By anonymous , 05-11-2004

forget the trap!! - 27th october as usual, the trap is mis-firing, no mention of the spots going off down the coast,give u a clue starts with LL.....trap best left to the spongers, longer rides elsewhere. The undiscovered coast.

By anonymous , 28-04-2004

no title - Theres no way that wave is 8 to 10ft, when does anywhere in Mid Wales hold a wave that size ?

By anonymous , 16-02-2004

look elsewhere - if the trap is clean and above 3ft try looking elsewhere for uncrowded waves and longer rides. you might be surprised at what you find and i am not talking about the slop at borth or queens.

By DI GRINGO , 10-02-2004

2004 WHAT A SHIT YEAR! - Trap can be great wave especially when it gets double over head or more(rareity). It is just a f#@kin shame it has been such a shitty year. However when trap is 5ft + and everyone and their dog is on it why not check out an awsome wave at..... ha not giving that away. But go exploring-you won't need to look far! Kayakers can be a pain but toleration is the key.

By Henry , 31-12-2003

hmmm - Dont worry mini micro man. You are not the only retard in Wales.

By micro mini man , 24-11-2003

point taken - sorry it was i who submitted the photo and with the caption i made a little typo. it should have read "8-10 inches"

By anonymous , 24-11-2003

wow those welshmen are giants - 8-10ft and nice shape too!!!! i just have a question. how big are the boards you guys ride? why i ask is because the guy paddling out in the 3rd photo must be huge if the waves are 8-10 ft

By Gareth , 23-11-2003

Big Friday - October 2003, the surf was big 6ft plus towards mid tide. I was out on my surf ski and found the surfers to be sound as long as you didn't drop in. Lived in Aber a few years back and found that when there were 10 + kayakers out in the trap none of the surfers ever got a ride. It looks as if the Uni canoe club is somewhat lacking paddlers as there were only 2 kayakers out when I was there. Getting hit by an out of control kayaker can be very painful and expensive, I have seen boards and fins snapped by strong plastic boats, so BEWARE out of control kayakers but let them share the waves

By Boz , 17-09-2003

Dal y Dwr you loser - Who the f78k is this american? back to guantanamo bay with you at least untill we have some oil then you can invade us and moan about the language again.Traps ok, pity about all the shit that comes out the rivers.

By Sam the American I Am , 27-08-2003

This Play Blows - I'll never surf in this country ever again. I cannot stand being in an English speaking country where the people butcher the English Lanuage so bad.

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