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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 The trap

UK, West Wales

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By Anonymous , 10-06-2009

The Trap - I went to Uni in Aber from 94-97 and know the Trap fairly well.

Aber is flat a lot of the time but on the few occasions when you get a big swell pushing up from the south west it really fires - I sponge but have seen a stand up surf the trap when double overheard, no joke.

It gets very crowded though.

There are other options - Bath Rocks on North Beach is fun and you can always try the wall - just by the Old College - short ride very dangerous as if you don't get off you'll go straight into the wall!

Borth or Barmouth can be ok and there are a number of secret spots further down the coast.

By Rob , 23-08-2008

aber - im off to the uni nd really wana do surfin wen i go to uni this sept!im a surfin beginner but hopefully i can gain experience wen i start this sept

By Anonymous , 29-07-2007

england - i might be coming to england soon in the summer what type of wetsuit would u revommend beacause right nowi have a 3/2 and idk if that would be tick enough reply back

By Anonymous , 14-06-2007

- July isn't the best time to come,but you might get lucky and find some swell. There are bodyboarding spots in this area,but in general, it's better in winter.

Seek and ye shall find.

By , 25-06-2006

New in town - Hi. I'm a foreigner coming to Aberystwyth university for 3 weeks in july and would like to know if this is a good place to do some bodyboarding. I'm not very experienced but I enjoy it so much and I know nothing about this region at all: should I take my body board with me? What's the weather like at this time of the year? Any other nice advise?

By , 27-04-2006

Photos - Hey, who took those new photos?
I would really like a copy!

By plop , 19-03-2006

- gets very crowded. those in canoes will run you down, locals will shout at you, the water will make you sick, only steep when big. which is hardly ever. gotta love the trap.

By anonymous , 07-10-2005

goofy heaven... - Lefties unite..... mid wales heaven .....ahhhhhhhhh

By Everyone knows me but do they know i know them! , 10-06-2005

Consistent, and everyone knows it! - The traps a shit wave. But if you live on the west coast of wales, then you will most probably spend your life surfing here unless you make the 2.5hour journey south.
Yeu, admitadlly the trap can be good, but the majority of breaks are good when there's a 4ft groundswell hitting them. The point is, this is the only break in the area, that picks up any swell consistently, and thus the surfing population rely on it to fullfill their stoke. Thus gutless walls under 3ft are the norm accompanied by a large surfing population means that the majority of surfs are crap, and you never get any better. But if you time it with months of waiting then to be honest it can be sick, but i'll let you find out what conditions and when this very mediocre break goes off!!!!!
P>S once your stoke has been fullfilled and there seems to be a few days of solid swell (very unlikely) then get your arse out of the comfort trap arena with it's easy access and head north or south, because this is when WALES really CRANKS.

By anonymous , 14-12-2004

Walking distance.... - great spots, you just have to walk someway to get to them. Take time and explore south the next time the trap is working and zooed out...empty peaks and long rides await.

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