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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 The mixens

UK, South Wales

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By robbo , 06-05-2008

mixens - this wav has recently been had on stand up pandle boards
definately surfable but fucking dodgy. a boat is the best thing available to get you out not a rip

By Anonymous , 08-11-2005

Lunatics are welcome - I know the person that put this on here and he has an IQ of 12 so all previous coments are valid.

By anonymous , 21-02-2005

are you mad - This is not a surf break! I have never seen anyoune out at this spot and dought I ever will it would be safer to surf in shark infested water with a gushing wound. I dont believe any of the surf spots on this site that dont have a picture of someone surfing there, I have been surfing the gower for 10 years and many of the spots on this site would be suicide especially for a learner. Take care out there guys and ask the local surf shops (like P.J.'s) if you wanna try some new spots, the wize old surf masters can help you after all if you own a surf shop you are incoraging the fact that the water is there for us all to enjoy.

By Mark Harland , 10-06-2003

Bristol City.... - I live here. got the surf bug big time when on holiday in Newquay. my fave wave is mixens though - much better than fistral.

By God , 10-06-2003

Mark..... - Thankyou for telling me too cool off mark, but Im not aggro, promise. Ive got into trouble on the mixens, and have never gone back there. ever. I just dont want something bad to happen to anyone. that is all. I did surf it on a storm though, with really knarly 8-9fters, in about 1996 i think it was, so maybe i was askin for a beating. Anyway, Im sorry if ive upset you.
What you living in Bristol for? Move quick maaaaan! (sorry!)

By Mark Harland , 09-06-2003

Calm down Dear - Cool off God. Leave the agro for your surf attack dude!I managed to get down from Bristol on the weekend, I surfed Mixens yesterday. It was small but nice OK. Too many malibus though!!(only messing)

By Mark Harland , 04-06-2003

Great Spot - I surfed this spot a few months ago. It's got everything barrels, open faces and flat sections. I think it's best with SE wind and Llanngenith is about 6ft. People can watch you from the sea wall at high tide - doing big carves for the girls!

By anonymous , 29-05-2003

no title - Dont you mean fcs...nob

By GOD>>>>STILL TRYING TO HELP , 24-05-2003

PS.......... - with regards to comment "A GREAT PLACE FOR A MIDWEEK SURF AWAY FROM CROWDS" Doesn't the fact that there isn't a crowd make you worried? Drilling a hole in the window of a boeing 747 is in my opinion much much safer.

By GOD>>>TRYING TO HELP , 24-05-2003

I aggree......silly, silly, very very silly - Very Dangerous. Presume student put spot on site by comment regarding 'university term'. No hostility toward students via this comment I must stress. Just trying to help fellow surfers by warning you against battling the mixens. Better off buying an ice cream and just looking at the beauty nature brings, unless you wanna die, or feel like you are gonna die either getting yourself dragged out into the bristol channel, or by smashing your skull into many small pieces on very sharp rocks. Probably loose surfboard in process. If you are reading this, and still want to go surf the mixens, may you ride an epic last wave, and Rest In Peace. Hope this gets message accross. I will scour shore line for your scf's and leashes and recycle them. Dont worry.

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