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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By Anonymous , 28-03-2008

Nice place ! - 15 or so miles of golden coast, a surf reef coming to bosco in oct 08 (suposidly) some nice waves in feb march april, occasional barrels for the taking, and its usually sunny in the spring,
great place for photograpers becuase youve got a pier lots of nice light and shelter from the wind ! what more could you want ?

By Southbourne Sponger , 03-08-2007

Horray its gone! - "Brownsee" spot has gone, horrah!

(now im going to surf it alone)

By Southbourne Sponger , 30-07-2007

BROWNSEE -BROWNSEA! - Will whoevers forging this brownsea hoax spot on here just stop it cos its getting embarasssing. Theres no spot at brownsea, its an island INSIDE a harbour. The picture doesn't even look like this country and noones gonna bother going there cos any local knows its crap. Sort your lives out you goons

By aussie steve , 09-08-2006

aussie steve .........winding up - this site is great for winding people up ....theyre so gullible and as a resident surfer from 75-99 i know this area better than most so the bottom line is the surf is adequte but not world class but a great laugh good local crew if you take the time to integrate so get real with your comments and remember talk comes cheap...

By anonymous , 28-03-2005

- Wind chop? Yeah we get wind chop sometimes, not very often though because most of the time the wind is offshore! Most of the time its groundswell.

By Gilles , 14-01-2005

study in Southampton - Hello,
i'm a french socrates student and i'll go to Southampton in order to study and surf, to january to June 2005! So i will take my board, but i won't have car and i don't know any people and spot there. So if you surf and if there is a place in your car, i'm ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm sorry for my english but i will go in England to improve it :-)

See you later

By anonymous , 02-12-2004

wind chop bragade - so do you guys get waves here that arent wind chop?...

By Peter , 19-07-2004

Find a surf school ???? - Im Planning to go to weymouth area at the end of Aug my daughter wants to learn to surf are the any schools etc ive been looking

By , 13-02-2004

Explorers - I am in the process of exploring this area of coast, next week I am going to walk the path in search of breaks, I have ground through a load of info and spoken to a few people. I would be interested in hearing from anyone to bounce ideas off about what breaks, exchange info sort of thing.

By Stoker , 10-02-2004

Idiots - What is with people like french cruiser that badmouth the area. I cannot figgure out what these people are thinking when they say such stupid things- definately these are the guys that sit in the lineup never knowing the real beauty of catching a wave and the true chilled out nature of the sport- but its good that they will never know- Bournemouth and the surrounding coasts aren't the best but when they are on ( autumn and spring months) they are an excellent place to surf- some real good young talent about. Obviously not too far from the south west and with cheap air fairs abroad the flat summer months are never too much in vain! keep surfing people- Guess its the guy whose happy to paddle out in a 2ft wind swell and have fun that is living a much richer life than the guy who sits on here badmouthing him

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