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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 The bowl

UK, North Scotland

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By Anonymous , 03-07-2008

stoked - hey guys. am planning a trip up here soon and hopefuly score some sick waves. i was just wondering if there is much to do when waiting for the surf. many pubs etc?. and if the locals are sound and up for a laugh when out of the water, cheers.

By BigProkamzi , 23-05-2008

ATTENTION: Mike Hunt - author of this spot - Dear Mike:
Is there any relation with you to Furke Hunt of York, England? He's a top-notch east coast GB surfer I've been told. If he is kinfolk of yours, could you write me with his email address? Been dying to hear how's York Hunt doing down there!

By Anonymous , 24-03-2008

- For the guy from Cali, yeah it is probably your best bet in the area, the spot (Brimms Ness)includes three breaks (the bowl, the cove and the left) and pick ups any bit of swell left in the get nice barrels here even when everywhere else is flat. Coming from Thurso, look for the break from the road, near a farm, then take the road down to the farm. I've surfed this spot before surfing Hossegor in France and was disappointed by south west France in comparison. Good Luck! Take a thick wet suit too!

By Kieran , 27-04-2006

- Mate any waves in the area will give you awesome hell barrels. Great waves and better locals. Take it easy with them and they'll look after you. Some of the best surf trips I've had have been around the area and I've been all over the world.

By Santa CRUZ mother F , 12-04-2006

im lookin for toobs on the north shore - im comin here from cali to visit family...Is this the best spot to get pitted aroun here?

By bobby danglar , 04-02-2005

Gday Sport - Nothing wrong with being an Aussie mate. Are you just upset that we stole your waves and your women. Don't worry I'll put Laurence on to your case and he'll mellow you out some. By the way is your mother called Izzie.

By anonymous , 12-01-2005

- gday is an aussie word so shutup you wannabie

By anonymous , 01-11-2004

heading north - heading up to shetland islands, you guys know if there is any surf worth looking at up there!!!

By anonymous , 01-09-2004

Mike hunt! - Ha Ha! Thats funny! Mycunt... classic!

By Lawrence , 25-06-2004

Hey man.... - Hey fatass, i think i saw you back down theese waayyyys recently, was that youuu??? I was in a bit of an altered state of mind so can't be sure...
All I saw was some bald dude watching Thurso for ages waiting for the tide, finally the tide came in, Thurso was firing, you were jumping for joy, then I saw tears of pleasure to to tears of horror as the wind turned offshore! Was that you??? Did you get to shirnadigans?

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