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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 St andrews

UK, East Scotland

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By Surfsnow690 , 26-06-2012

When it's not flat - Have had a few good days here (no sennen) but works on mid to high tide, never seen the reef work even when there was head high waves, peels left from the harbour wall where it cleans up out of the wind, sand bars can shift to change the breaks, good shop on the beach that sell ham and cheese toasty's, locals are an epic bunch and laid back line up, happy days

By gromsurferscotland , 29-06-2011

epic on its day - well st andrews east is more of a fast heavy wave that tends to close out when the tide is low. at the left end the waves are smaller because it is sheltered by the cliffs which can be useful to paddle out when the waves are too big. and i dont under stand how the description says the bottom is rocky it is quite the opposite. most days are around waist to knee high but you will get the odd day when its head high. hopefully this helped

By charlie eedle , 10-03-2006

new years day - the best surf i have seen at st.andrews was on new years day. there was a fair few people in. cold but well worth the numb feet and hands. if your near st.andrews come over a give it a go. surf can be good or none at all. this season has been a good one!!! see you out there!!!!

By Dr Iain MacWilliam , 02-02-2006

St Andrews - Being a LOCAL here, I've surfed St Andrews for 12 years, and I can tell you that whoever wrote the above description is hallucinating (badly). I can scarcely fathom such a ridiculous account of this place!!!.

Basically it's like this: East sands has a selection of banks that work on various tides, swell, wind ect. Generally average in quality with an occasionally good walling left at the east end of the beach which is best at around mid tide(has to be clean for this to be good). From mid tide+ at the pier end there is a punchy hollow bank (L + R), it is prone to closing out, but can give you a fast wall or barrel in the right conditions. As for the reef. It's at the end of the pier and is VERY rarely worth surfing, keeping little form or power. The (occasional) left will hold itself in clean swell up to 6ft.

By anonymous , 22-11-2005

St Andrews sucks - Dont bother trying to surf here it's pants!. One of the worst places you could surf on the east coast. Big wide open bay with shapeless waves. Cant believe folk say this place is good!.

By anonymous , 27-04-2005

not about st andrews - i used to live in Aberdeen i never used bodyboard until i came to Australia (bodyboarding is betta than surfing) anyway come to australia and then u guys will c some sik waves (for bodyboarders, surfers and the occasional longboarders wave)

By -TN , 08-05-2004

When is the most consistent season? - I'm from California and might be attending grad school at St Andrews. What time of year has the most consistent surf and ideal weather conditions? I'm guessing its fall as wiht most N hemisphere/temperate locales. How far does one need to travel to find QUALITY waves if there is a decent swell (no need to name spots - I'll figure it out myself - I'm aware of N/NW Scotland & surf spots). And lastly what are typical H20 temp ranges during the spring thru fall? Looking forward to some cold-water sessions!

By JC , 09-03-2004

St Andrews - There is plenty of surf in St. Andrews. It's usually 2ft, sometimes clean, great for a longboard. Incoming to full on east strand on a small swell, low tide go to west strand. When it's big, go from the peir to cut out the paddle. Last year I only missed surfing 7 weeks. It is usually small though, with Lunan being the best bet on a northerly swell. For some gnarly action, check out the reefs a few miles south of St Andrews (no beginners)

By anonymous , 06-01-2003

Are you sure that your not dreaming? - I have seen this wave work on the odd occasion but not that often. I have never seen anyone surf it though. This is because when this is working other spots nearby are cleaner and faster.
When it's on, the west sands can be a classic wave (2-3 times a year) a long paddle out, but very long rides!

By , 23-07-2002

no title - Surely the bit between West and East sands, would best be described as the waves that eventually break onto the Castle sands, to sort out the Staines/anonymous debate. Is this really surfable as it looks very close to Castle cliffs on the Sealife centre side and close to shallow reef rock and seacliffs on other side(harbour side if you like)? I didn't surf when I used to live there and I have only seen people fucking around off West sands in the past. I would be keen to get a real answer as I visit still but usually take golf clubs and not my board. West Sands looks like a hefty paddle out to get anything worthwhile but I'm willing to try there also.

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