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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 East England


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By Anonymous , 26-06-2006

surf - the water is black and cold and its hard to see the buttom . there no basic conditions !

By JJ , 27-02-2006

hornsea - now then willow, do u surf much in hornsea, i have been out this morning and off out in a bit.theres quite a few people in hornsea that surf and 4 boyboarders but it hardly ever works well

By willow , 09-02-2005

surf - cold dark water surfing the best in the world love the east coast. 2 surfers at hornsea beach keep going

By anonymous , 17-10-2004

- woe betide anyone who doesn't rinse their wetsuit! I am one of her victims with head requiring to be sewn back on!

By Liam M , 15-07-2004

- Yeah shes a bit of a battle-axe but she got character and rules the bay! Waves been too choppy for a decent surf of late but last summer we had some great days.

By Surfpsycho , 28-06-2004

Cayton Bay Dragon - The Cayton Bay locals clearly see this lady as another break they have to overcome. I was reduced to simpering apologies like a primary school child when I decided that the surf was too quiet to bother. She would be better recruited to SAS missions - submission is your only option for guaranteeing survival. I am far too scared ever to go in her shop ever again. And if this means spending all my pocket money on my own board, then so be it. Anyone know a good therapist? My scars are deep!

By anonymous , 17-01-2004

no title - Yeh, saltburn is defo good for learning, i learnt there myself, and there'll be plenty of other people doing exactly the same. Breaks up around tynemouth support quite a large no. of beginners aswell.

By anonymous , 17-01-2004

no title - bantham is in devon not cornwall

By anonymous , 07-01-2004

starting on the east coast - Try Saltburn or Scarborough, easy waves that should get you up and running. Depends where you live, if you live in say, Leeds, it may be quicker to drive to Saltburn.

By anonymous , 07-01-2004

Best spots - I am going to start surfing on the east coast i have my own equipment, anybody know what the spots for begginers are?

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